Finding Your Signature Scent For Your Wedding Day

Almost everyone has their own dream wedding. First, you plan whether it is a church, garden, beach, whatever type of wedding. And then, you plan where you want your wedding to happen. You will also plan the number of visitors and who could they be. You will also plan your theme or motif. From the major details of the event, you will also plan your personals like the dress or suit you are going to wear, the color of your tie, your hairstyle, and also your scent. You want everything to be memorable and special. Your wedding day should not be like any other weddings.

Some people do not give much details or attention to their perfumes for their wedding day especially those who are not fond of wearing perfumes. Little did those people know that wearing perfume leaves impressions to every people they will meet. You wear perfume because you want to leave an impression to others that you are either classy, sweet, dominant, cool, and that will depend on your scent. That is why if you are planning for your wedding day, it is necessary also to pay attention to the perfume you are going to wear. You would like to have a signature scent on your wedding day because you want to remember it for the rest of your life when you smell the scent you wore on that special day.

  1. Walk On Air Eau De Parfum Spray By Kate Spade

The scent of this perfume by Kate Spade is floral. If you will be having a garden wedding, this perfume is the best to wear because of its floral scent. It will add garden vibes to your full attire. Garden’s impression is full of flowers, and plants which represent life. This perfume has the kind of scent also that suggests life and vibrancy. This perfume will also add feminity to the bride because it is sweet and fresh.

  1. Acqua Di Gioia Eau De Parfum Spray By Giorgio Armani

This perfume by Giorgio Armani will be a perfect signature scent if the plan is to have a beach wedding. There is an aquatic vibe on this perfume. Its scent is minty and it has aquatic jasmine consistency. It has also citrusy scent on it which adds freshness on its vibe. Minty scent is very perfect for beach weddings because it is usually hot on beaches and the minty scent helps on keeping the bride or groom feeling fresh. This perfume is actually originally for men but Giorgio Armani made a version for women. It is perfect for both the husband and the wife.

  1. Ck One Eau De Toilette Spray (Unisex) By Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has made this perfume to create a provocative scent to the one who will wear it. This perfume has citrusy, green tea and sweet vibe. This is best for couples during the wedding day because it is both for men and women.

Pay attention to your perfume on your wedding day. You had to have a signature scent on this once in a lifetime event because you will always want to look back and you want everything to be worth remembering. Smell has a huge effect on memory that is why it is essential to have a signature scent on your wedding day.

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