Monetize Your App Using Affiliate Marketing Program

No doubt that affiliate marketing is one of the smartest ways to market and make money out of your own app. Not only is this capable of critical growth but also enhances user engagement rate. This was proved years ago when DropBoxstarted a referral program that incentivizes current users to attract new users. The outcome was unbelievable as referrals increased by a bulky 60% and thus user’s number also went up to 500 million from 100, 000 in just 15 months.

Though Dropbox started it to gain traction. Now every popular and unpopular business is offering referral programs, some to make money and some to gain users' traction. So if you really want to add growth to the mobile app, then perhaps the easiest and smartest way thing you can do is to leverage the power of referrals through affiliate marketing.  

A survey says that nearly 77% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product when discovering about it from people they know.  Through affiliate management software, you can make it simpler as it automates the process of enrolling, tracking, compensating and controlling your affiliates.

Wondering how to engage the best affiliate network for your mobile app?

It's good you have decided to use affiliate marketing system to market your mobile app and now it is time to choose the right and best network. Here are some amazing tips for you that'll help you in choosing:


The process of promoting or marketing your mobile app hugely involves smartphone user base. It is utmost important that the affiliate network you choose should be mobile-friendly. This may sound hard in choosing between the old & reliable and new & savvy affiliate network. Ultimately, we are talking marketing your mobile app so mobile-friendly matters.

Tap into Your Own Network

Instead of searching elsewhere, tap into your own army of affiliates to market your app. Existing network of affiliates boosts your chances of being randomly found on their program directories which can be a useful thing. And by not administering with payments yourself heaves a tremendous responsibility from you.

Reliability of the Affiliate Network

The reliability and reputation of the affiliate network are just as important as any other. You definitely wouldn't want an affiliate network which fails to treat its affiliates well because it can have a bad impact on your brand too. So it is crucial to choose the right affiliate network who uses ethical marketing methods by its affiliates.


At the end of the day, all you want is an affiliate network that is flexible enough to offer a range of choices to market your app. There are affiliate networks who 1) tracks clicks alone 2) lets you compensate affiliates based on views, downloads, installs, etc.

From groceries app like Ibotta to shopping app like Ebates, many businesses are offering referral programs to not promote their apps but also increase their revenue in the market. Besides, there are many other perks to using an affiliate network, provided you choose the right network.


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