What is the process to apply online for Pune University Transcripts?

If you are a student of Pune University and have decided to go abroad for your higher studies, then transcripts for your graduation courses from Pune University are the must-have document that you need to submit for successful application to foreign universities. While there are many ways in which you can procure your transcripts, applying online is considered the easiest way to get your transcript from the comfort of your home. In this article, we will tell you how you can apply for transcripts from the comfort of your home.

Before we continue, we must thank the good governance, advancement in technology, and easy accessibility of the internet because of which digitalization has improved. Digitalization has helped to bring all the paper works online and therefore reducing a lot of time, money, and effort. I can boast all day about digitalization but let’s come back to the topic. Just like the students seeking admission to foreign universities apply for a WES certificate online or IQAS Canada online, similarly, they have the option to apply for a Pune university transcript online as well. Students seeking their transcript from Pune University can easily apply for their transcript certificate from the official website of Pune University. Below mentioned are the steps on how you can apply for your transcript certificate.

1.       Visit the Pune university website

2.       Search for transcripts from Pune University. You will reach the online application page.

3.       Log in if you already have an existing account in the Pune University portal or create a new account if you do not have one.

4.       Fill in all the details that are marked mandatory.

5.       Upload the attested scanned copies of all the relevant documents

6.       Pay fees online or upload the copy of challan paid to the bank

7.       Submit the application

You will receive the transcript from Pune University via India speed post and the transcript can be delivered to an Indian address only. If you wish to get it at an address outside India, it is recommended that you apply for an e-transcript. The normal processing time for transcripts from Pune University is 60 days. While WES certificate processing is considered the fastest, IQAS Canada can take 14 weeks or more for ECA. Therefore students seeking admission to foreign universities or seeking employment in Canada are advised to consider these processing durations. For example, the combined time for applying first for a transcript from Pune University to getting it evaluated by IQAS can take up to 25 weeks or almost half a year. Therefore the application for these documents should be done as early as possible to avoid future problems.

But do not worry, in case of emergencies, the professional agencies can help you get your transcript from Pune University within the stipulated time and can also get your ECA done fast. What matters is getting the certificate on time, right? Hope you learned how to apply for transcripts from Pune University online. We believe you now know what are the advantages (application from the comfort of home) and disadvantages (long processing time) of applying online. Just like professional agencies can help you get your WES certificate or ECA from IQAS Canada cost-effectively, on time, and without any hassle, you must also consider transcript services to get your transcript certificates too. Let these agencies do their work and you do all the work of planning your dream. Cheers.

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