Fleet Management Solutions & GPS Tracking Solutions

Keeping an eye on a fleet of vehicles used by your workers can be a complex task. With the help of Eagle IoT, this task may evolve much more uncomplicated. Fleet tracking lets you look more in-depth at how your or company's belongings are used. The Waste of time and money can be prevented if clear facts and statistics are available at the click of a mouse.

Assets usage reports let you fast and efficiently control the misusage of company property, like:

Extended downtime

Use of company's assets for private objectives

Not optimal route picking

Harsh driving

Unauthorized use of vehicle

Fake time sheets

Late Workday Starts/Early Workday end

Company property theft

Fuel theft

Liability risks

Improve your company's workflow with fleet tracking

With Eagle IoT, fleet tracking becomes a simple task, manage the fleet using a computer or smartphone, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Find your trucks' location, check their activity history, and generate detailed reports within seconds. Receive instant notifications to your email or phone when the object leaves geofence or exceeds the speed limit. Reducing fuel costs and increasing productivity can be easily achieved with GPS fleet tracking. Investment in a GPS tracking system will pay off within a few months.

Reduce costs and add savings

A GPS tracking system for fleet tracking will help monitor vehicles and drivers and get comprehensive information about object activity. Using GPS tracking equipment in your fleet will prevent over expenses and unwanted use. After working hours, it becomes a perfect guarding system for your company assets.

Improving work quality of employees

Research has proven that 78% of workers work harder, be punctual at work, and spend less time for lunch if their effort is rewarded. With a fleet tracking solution, you can find out who is working hard during working hours and opposite, analyze routes where employees drove, and see the driving style, stop/start locations, times, and daily distance which vehicle travelled.

Fuel Economy

Monitor the idle time of your assets. A regular vehicle burns approximately 3.8 litres per hour. If one of your trucks idles for one hour a day, it will lead to 1565 Euro of additional fuel expenses per year. Extensive unnecessary engine operation leads to additional expensive repair costs. Fuel economy is achieved by controlling engine idle time, optimal route selection, and selecting efficient vehicle speed; all of this is easily attainable with fleet management using Eagle IoT.

How GPS Fleet Tracking can improve customer service

Managing vehicles in modern delivery or service company is a difficult task. With Eagle IoT, you can see the entire fleet in a web browser or smartphone. Organize nearby vehicles more efficiently for delivery tasks. Check driver location just by using a mobile application on your phone. Customer service increases if you know when the delivery truck will reach a certain location.

Harsh and Dangerous Driving

The possibility to set vehicle speed limits gives drivers more confidence when using company property. Speeding or violent driving is dangerous not only for cargo but also for surrounding people. It can affect a company's reputation. Analysis proves that drivers tend to break traffic laws 98% less if they are informed that a tracking device is installed in the vehicle and all actions (speeding, harsh driving) are collected.

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