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History of Microwave oven

If you stay in an urban city, your family needs electronic appliances to save time. You have the washing machine for laundry. Vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt. Dishwasher for cleaning the utensils etc. And yes, the microwave oven. There was a time when your ancestors ate only hot food, prepared a few hours ago. Now, since the husband and wife go to work in far off places, in some homes, food gets prepared only in the morning. Lunch, you eat at hotels. And food prepared at breakfast time becomes the dinner. No complaints actually. But the appliance used for heating the food, in less time, got the name “microwave oven.”

Also called as an electronic oven. The device heats the food via electromagnetic waves of high frequency. In scientific terminology, microwaves are the name given to them. In short, the device comes in the form of a small box which can increase the food’s temperature through the waves. The water, sugar, fat and other molecules in the food absorb the waves. And because of the vibrations, the heat gets generated. If you can understand the science, the heating occurs in the food particles. But the surrounding air retains the same temperature. For housewives, this device saves time. Cooking that requires hours gets converted in half the time. In fact, the oven generates the frequency of radiation at 2450 megahertz. The reason for the generation of waves is a magnetron. It is a type of electron tube.

But there is a challenge. There are different types of food. And this device will cook different types of food at various rates. For instance, moist foods get heated in rapid time when compared to less moist ones. The outer layers of moist food can absorb the radiation. Please note that microwave ovens cannot heat crisp foods nor brown foods. So when you are eating food, do not place them with glass, paper or polyethylene. And as is the norm, do not place the food in metal vessels. The metal will block the microwaves. Every microwave oven gets subjected to test as per the safety measures.

History of Microwave Oven

Microwave oven


Last year, 2017 marked the half-century anniversary of the microwave oven. For home use, the Amana corporation sold these devices in 1967. But, they were in use for food preparation since the years of the 1950s. But only the elite class got the luxury. With the advances in technology, many companies preparing microwave ovens sprang up. The cost fell down. It was in 1967 that they became eligible to the middle class. Now, every household in an urban city (US) or any part of the world (be it a developing country) has a microwave oven.

Amana is the company responsible for preparing these devices in 1967. It was a part of the Raytheon Corporation. In fact, the first model of the company got the name “Radarange.” In fact, it is a combination of two words – Radar and Range. So where did the microwave ovens and radar got combined together?

This technology was is use during World War II. The science – radio waves get bounced off when they encounter a hard substance.

By measurement of the waves which get bounced, objects hidden in the night or view can get detected. This technology was to detect warships and warplanes. But they found that rainstorms can also cause interference to radar waves. Then the science of weather forecast began.

When it comes to radar technology, you need to know about the “magnetron” which generates the radar waves. The US needed more of this device in the II world war. So, one of the engineers, by name Percy Spencer, devised a new model. Soon, the new model production multiplied with production from single digit numbers to four digit numbers.

During the testing process, Spencer was experimenting with a live device, the candy bar kept in his clothes melted. Sensing something amiss, he experimented with an egg. When the radar beams pointed at the egg, it exploded. Another experiment with the corn kernels made them change to popcorn. He filed a patent, and now you know the history of Radar range.

It happens the same with every business. As soon other companies stepped in, the term of Radarrange changed to microwave ovens or in short microwaves.

So, why was the term “Microwave” coined? The reason, the radio waves had short wavelengths. The telecommunication department uses long microwaves. Whereas the ones in ovens use centimeters or inches.

The reason, heating takes place only on the items which can source water or hold any liquid. The microwaves cause disturbance to the water molecules. The vibration sets off heat. So when you keep the food in a ceramic dish, it is only the food that gets heated and not the dish.

Even though microwave ovens are in households, it yet has to replace conventional ovens in some quarters. In bakeries, slow heat is a must so that yeast multiplies. How would you imagine having a steak cooked in a microwave oven and a broiled one? You would definitely go for the latter because of its taste. In recent times, it is the fast-paced lifestyle that is the norm. So these microwave ovens get the upper hand. Many households prepare the foods that are in tandem with the oven.

CautionMicrowave oven

Never use plastic containers for the microwave oven. The reason, plastic can melt and reach the food. And refrain from using metal objects. The reason, the pointed edge can put the waves in turmoil. You can experience a spark, and the result is an unwanted fire.


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