GST Certification Courses & Benefits

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By GST, we mean goods and service tax. GST Certification course is mainly designed for fresh graduates, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, and law professionals who have a keen interest in accounting. They study this course to develop their decision-making and problem-solving skills to attain a good position in the company and a rewarding salary. It helps to acquire a basic understanding of the current taxation system of our country.

Benefits of doing a GST Course

There is no doubt that by doing a professional GST Course, your chances of getting a better job and higher salary will increase.

  • Students doing this course will get good job positions in reputed firms.
  • Professionals who have done this course will be able to handle the firm's taxation better than others.
  • Knowledge of GST can help people to start their consultancy firms.
  • After doing this course, you will be well knowledgeable about industry-specific courses like accounting, finance, and taxation.
  • It provides you with a classroom environment with planned course content.

Who can do the GST Course?

The following individuals can benefit from doing GST Course:

  • People who are planning to build a career in the taxation field.
  • Chartered Accountants, Company secretaries, cost management accountants, law students and business people who want to upgrade their skills can take this course.
  • Individuals working in the taxation department can learn this course.
  • People who want to upgrade their professional skills.
  • Graduates of arts or commerce or engineering who are interested in taxation can take this course.

Syllabus of GST Certification Course

  • GST Levy
  • GST Time of supply
  • GST Place of supply
  • GST Valuation
  • GST Returns
  • Transitional Problems
  • Income Tax credit
  • GST Registration
  • GST Payment
  • GST Assessment
  • GST Refund
  • GST Penalties
  • GST Offences
  • GST Advance Ruling
  • GST Ethical Practice
  • GST Moot Court

These are the basic syllabus covered in the GST Certification Course. You will get additional skills depending upon the institute you choose to study.

Finprov learning provides various certification courses in GST. Some of these courses are:

  1. Basics of GST English: it is an online course where you will get a basic idea about GST and practical training. It covers topics like concepts and mechanisms of GST, Applicability of GST on various business transactions, Income Tax Credit, E-way bills, important GST Returns, etc. It is equally beneficial for beginners and business people alike. The skills you will learn from this course are the basics of GST, Income Tax Credit, Composition Scheme, Reverse Charge Mechanism, GST Return Filing, E-way Bill, Place of supply and Time of supply. The course fee is around Rs 2499.
  1. Basics of GST Malayalam: The same course gives the basic knowledge about GST. The only difference is that it is in Malayalam. The course fee, syllabus and practical training are all the same, and it is available online.
  1. GST Online: here, students get detailed knowledge about GST from industrial experts. Here the online classes follow interactive and outcome-oriented learning methods. In this course, you will learn about understanding GST concepts, GSTR 1, 3B, Different taxes, Invoices under GST, Schedules, Composition Schemes, E-way bills, annual returns, and new returns under GST practical training. It is a 1-month course, and the course fee is Rs 2499.
  1. GST Return Filing: GST Return Filing is the most tedious task accountants face these days. This course helps in quickly filing returns. It is an online training course where you can learn from the experts about GST filing, handling errors and mismatches while return filing query and many other practical features. Skills you will gain are GST Return filing, GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, and GSTR 9. The course fee is around Rs 799.

GST has become an integral part of the business. People doing business or in the accounting field should have a detailed knowledge of GST. Doing a Certification in GST Course will always be beneficial for these people in the long run.

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