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Smart kids and their Smartphones

Do your kids own a smartphone or tablet? Do they enjoy 3-4 hours of screen time every day? Do you see ignorance and aloofness in your kids from the real world? Have you heard about Top rated parental control apps 2019? If yes, we bet you know why you are reading this article.

All parent’s handover digital gadgets with the motive of learning and keeping kids engaged. Many parents use gadgets as a bribery tool. They smartly use cell phones or digital devices to discipline kids. However, experts across the globe differ in this practice. They are concerned and discouraging parents to stop using a smartphone as a means of engagement or bribery tool.

Cell phones and tablets make our life easier, yet there are many harmful consequences of using these addictive machines.

Harmful effects of Cell Phones on Children

Smart kids Smartphones

  1. Cell phones are Human Carcinogen

Doctors wary about the carcinogenic nature of phone radiation.

There has been extensive research on the effects of phone radiation on kids. Kids have a habit of spending long hours in the day with their gadgets, unnecessary closeness to their body. Some reports show the occurrence of non-malignant tumors in the ears and brain as kid’s organs are under development and their inner lining is delicate.

According to WHO, phone radiations are a potential cause of cancer.  Shocking, isn’t it?

  1. Cause for depression

Indeed, cell phones are a big reason for mental health problems. Teachers are observing a sudden shift during lunch breaks; most kids are found spending time on their cell phones rather than going out to play.

Teens are the most natural victim of this shift, they confine their world to mobile gadgets and show no participation in real life activities.

Access to online chat rooms has invited unwanted strangers into your kids’ life. Many kids have been victimized by cyberbullies on social media and gaming platforms.

Cause depression kid

  1. Bad posture

Constantly hunched over position can severely damage your spine. Earlier the problem was only diagnosed with adults, but it is becoming more predominant with the younger generation.

Watching cell phones or tablets for extended hours leads to a bending neck which in turn causes sunken shoulders, stretched-out neck, etc. Bad posture at an early age damages shoulder and spine adversely.

  1. No real social life

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a kid quite like being asked to speak in public- but why?

The virtual world is so addictive and pleasing to the young generation; they have parted ways with the real-life drama. Kids have forgotten, and many haven’t even learned empathy. Use of smartphone has created a mental block in kids, making them incapable of making friends.

This new virtual social life is dangerous and instrumental in causing less social interaction among kids. Children do not engage with friends at school or playgrounds and end up developing social anxiety.

No real social life kid

  1. Change in brain activity

Our brain works on electromagnetic waves for any form of communication. The brain carries out all communications through electric signals in the neural network.

Now here is the problem – waves from the phone penetrate the brain. Since kids have a weak interior lining, radiation can travel easily to their mind and change the electrical activity inside their brain.

  1. Poor academic results

Children invest more time on gadgets than books. With the introduction of technology in education, kids have found a leeway to access digital devices more often.

Consequences of using gadgets reflect in kids’ academic performance. Chatting with friends, gaming sessions, social media browsing, etc. has blinded kids from their classroom activities.

Often teachers confiscate mobile phones from classrooms because students are clueless during lectures and completely distracted by their gadgets.

Poor academic results kid

  1. Wrong influence

Too many kids have fallen in the trap of online predators and traffickers. Strangers impersonate as kids and manipulate children to give personal data.

Gullible bunch of kidshave fallen in the hands of many strangers only to get dragged into wrong habits like pornography, adult contents, social media revenge, etc.

How to decrease the risk of digital devices

There are some basic methods parents can implement to secure kids from the ill-effects of smartphones.

–    Keep a dedicated device for kids, do not hand over personal phones until 16 or 17 years of age.

–    Teach kids to use headphones or earphones, instead of keeping the phone on their ears.

–    While sleeping kids should keep at least three feet away from the bed to restrict radio frequency.

–    Limit screen time at least one hour before bedtime.

–    Avoid sleeping with your phone on charging.

–    Discourage your children to carry phones to school.

–    Lead by example, read more books and magazines in front of your kids rather than touching your cell phones.

Parental control apps 2019

You cannot steal smartphones from your kids, call it -need or peer pressure, kids of this generation have grown with technology and snatching mobile phones can make them handicap- sad, but true!

Then how do you control your kids? Have you tired parental control apps yet?

Parental control app like Bit Guardian Parental control app is a blessing to parents.  Parents can entirely or partially supervise their kids’ digital activities by merely using an app. You can block apps, limit screen time, secure kids in emergencies, limit driving speed and track their location.

You are still wondering if parental control apps are the answer to your kids’ smartphone addiction? Try now, to see the astonishing results!

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