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How to Help Your Child to Deal with Home sickness at Boarding School?

When a student moves out from a comfortable space of home to a little strict and independent space of a boarding school, he is bound to feel a little homesick. There are several students living in the boarding schools in India who are still trying to adjust to a different environment. 

Many children eventually learn to adjust to the strict and disciplined life at the boarding schools but some find it very difficult to cope and this negatively impacts their well-being. This is the time where the parents need to interfere and help their students tackle homesickness. 

If your child is also experiencing homesickness, here’s how you can help him to deal with it.

Recognize the signs of homesickness

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Your child might not directly tell you that he is feeling homesick. You need to recognize it yourself. There are several behavioral patterns that hint towards the fact that your child is still missing his home badly. You need to identify the signs. 

  • If your child frequently calls you or drop several emails throughout the day, he is definitely missing home to an extent that he is feeling terrible at the boarding school. 
  • If the child turns down every opportunity to be a part of organized activities that take place in his school, he is homesick.
  • If the child keeps himself isolated from his roommates and classmates, he definitely needs your help. 

How to deal with homesickness?

The first thing that you need do is to acknowledge the fact that being homesick is natural. Everyone takes a little time to adjust in the new setting. There is nothing to worry about. Here is how you can help him:

  • Make him feel secure. Call him regularly to check if he is doing fine. Your child will feel secure with the fact that you are always at his disposal. 
  • Hear your child. If he has a view on the school that differs from your personal opinion, you need to hear him out and agree with him. 
  • Help him create his daily schedule. Incorporate all the fun activities in his schedule and encourage him to follow his daily plan. This will keep him occupied and will leave no time to sob over homesickness. 
  • Encourage your child to actively participate in the various co-curricular activities in his boarding school. Ask him to participate in sports and clubs. This will help him in coping with homesickness. 
  • Keep talking to the child’s advisor and warden. Also, stay in touch with the teachers to know how your child is doing at school. They will keep you updated on your child’s progress and will also help him cope with the new life at boarding school in India

Generally, it takes a week or two for a child to adjust to the new environment. But, if your child is taking too long or shows no signs of improvement, you must seek professional help. 

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