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Tumblr Spy App to Protect Children From Tumblr Dangers

Tumblr App social media app is one of the largest social media platforms these days. It is bombarded with the young kids and teens compared to the adults. Children are very fond of the instant messaging app over the years and the social messaging app has made its way to the next level. Therefore, it is widely used among children and teens and they spend most of the time on the social messaging app via cellphone connected to the internet. However, few out of the millions may know about the Tumblr dangers that can really put them into real trouble that they have not expected yet. Therefore, parents having a little awareness want to protect their children from Tumblr dangers. Initially, let’s discuss the services and tools Tumblr social messaging app has provided to the users.

Why children use Tumblr App social media app?

Tumblr Direct text messages

Tumblr Direct app

Young kids and teens install the Tumblr App social messaging app and send and receive direct text messages to other users of the social media messenger. It means a user can make contact with anyone and other users can also send text messages for having a conversation. So, it means there are best possible chances to interact with the strangers. Therefore, teens and children may be interacting with stalkers, sexual predators and as well as with the cyber bullies.

Tumblr shares media files

When teen’s get started to having conversations with the strangers online then it would be possible that may trap by the stalkers and sexual predators. At the end of the day, teens may get interested in sharing their photos, videos, and other stuff. It is reportedly stated that teens also have got interested to share their nude photos to their online friends.

Tumblr Blogs, followers, Links and URLs

Tumblr Blogs app

Tumblr instant messenger enables teens and children to share Tumblr blogs, and they may get followers and even can share links and URLs. Once a child or teen got a little fame on the messenger then there will be plenty of followers. However, it is not necessary that all the followers and the people who sent direct messages are following your blogs and other shared stuff. There is a possible threat for teens being chased by the stalkers, pedophilia, and sexual predators. Therefore, parents have to use the Tumblr spy app to monitor the Tumblr App activities of children for their safety.

Install Tumblr monitoring app on children cellphone

If you want to get Tumblr tracking software, then you first you need to take is to install a cell phone spy app on the target device. Once you have got the subscription and you have got the credentials and then get physical access on the target device. When you have installed it successfully and use the credentials to get access to the online control panel. Now you just need to visit the social media monitoring and get access to the Tumblr spying tools. Let’s discuss all the features in the following that can help out parents to monitor Tumblr social messaging app to the fullest.

IM’s Social Media

Tumblr App

The user can get access to the target device and even to the installed messenger on the target device and can use these tools and can view Tumblr logs. Parents can view the complete logs of direct text messages, shared media files such as photos, videos, Gifs, Links and URLs shared on the Tumblr wall.

Live screen recording

You can use the live screen recording tool of the Tumblr App monitoring software and you can perform target device screen recording. It will further allow the user to make short back to back videos of the screen and get access to the online control panel and can view the real-time recorded videos.


Tumblr app

You can remotely capture the screenshots with a time stamp when the target user is using Tumblr messenger on the mobile phone screen. However, the user can also set multiple screenshots at once and get more and more information about children Tumblr activities.


Use keylogger of the Tumblr spy software and get access to all the keystrokes being used on Tumblr messenger. The user can get Tumblr’s credentials, direct text messages, and others.


Tumblr social media spy app is the best tool to get access to all the activities of children and activities they have performed on the social media app. This will let parents protect children from all Tumblr dangers.

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