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Plan Your Dream Vacation

Are you looking forward to a few days of much-deserved rest and recreation? Well, so are we! But, if there’s just one thing you can take away from this blog, let it be this – Unplanned vacations can cause just as much or perhaps even more stress than your normal workday. In today’s hyper connected world, planning your getaways efficiently has become an absolute necessity.

Therefore, to save you from any unwanted misery, we have put together a list of to-dos for a dream vacation you so deserve. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get going!

Plan your finances

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Every good plan starts with a dose of sensible financial planning. How much can you put aside for your vacation?

Take these points into consideration:

  • While it is important to be prudent in your spending habits, you must also take a realistic view. Putting aside too little will completely stifle your adventures. Instead, see if you can cut corners for a few months on optional expenditure and save up for your trip!
  • Expenses are not just to stay, travel, and food. Yes, they are a major component, but money must also be put aside for essentials like travel insurance, visa processing, shopping and more!

Spend significant time on research

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With a clear budget in mind, start researching your dream destinations. Choose from 2-3 places that have been on your mind. You could, of course, start by searching for “where should I go on my next vacation?”, but be prepared to wade through tons of verbose blogs before you get to anything interesting.


  • Far-away and remote places usually charge exorbitant airfares. Ensure that it is not a deterrent to your vacation plans.
  • You must research the peak and off-season months. While avoiding peak season is necessary, traveling during off-season may mean encountering lousy weather, or missing out on important local attractions.
  • Look for reviews of your favorite places on popular news and informational websites, to ensure that they are impartial.

Prepare a Pre-Travel checklist

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Once you pick a place, start with planning the essentials beforehand.

  • What kind of documentation is required? Plan early for any passport renewals or visa applications.
  • What kind of luggage is perfect for your destination? Wheels are great if you’re going to be strolling through hotels; not so much for a trek!
  • What kind of clothing is required? Think of the weather at your destination, the kind of activities you have planned, any traditional restrictions in conservative countries, and more.
  • Emergency medication – This is especially important for foreign travel where you may not be aware of medicine names to purchase. Ensure that you have a prescription detailing each medicine you are carrying to avoid any airport hassles.

Do you need a visa?

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If your destination requires a visa, get down to it as soon as possible.

  • For tourist visas, many countries require to see your travel tickets, to and from the country, right at the start. Plan your travel dates and block your air tickets early!
  • Look up the embassy closest to you where you can get a visa. Check their website for all documentation and appointment related information.
  • You may be required to bring bank account details proving you are capable of funding your trip yourself. If so, make sure you are maintaining an appropriate balance.

Plan for exigencies

With all the aces in place, what remains now is to plan for unforeseen events. We want our vacation to be perfect, but sometimes one problem can throw the entire trip off.

  • An accident or someone falling sick can mean lakhs in medical expenses (especially overseas).
  • Luggage can get lost or misplaced for a few days, bringing up unforeseen expenses.
  • One missed connection or a canceled flight can place your forward journey in jeopardy.

Experienced travelers mitigate these eventualities through travel insurance plans. Explore online travel insurance alternatives and keep your financial risks at a minimum.

To summarize… 

A little time spent on planning goes a long way in making a great trip truly memorable. So, get your family together and sweat the details! And don’t leave your country without the security offered by a travel insurance policy.


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