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How Sleep Can Help You to Get Slim Body

At the time of losing weight, the amount of sleep that you get is as crucial as your exercise and your diet. But the sad part is that many people are depriving themselves from sufficient amount of slumber.

Research has revealed that almost 30 percent of the adults are sleeping lesser than 6 hours for most nights and it seems that the cranky attitude and the groggy mornings are not the only side-effects of the insufficient sleepiness. Weight-gain is also one of the inevitable results of lack of proper sleep.

You should keep it in mind that at the time of shaping up, hitting the sack is as essential as sweating. Here are some of the ways in which sleep helps us in achieving a beautiful and slim body. Take a look.

  • Sleep Helps to Control the Diet – The debate about how to achieve a healthy weight revolves around the diet as well as workout. But that is not something very accurate. At times you may want to move more and eat less. But this is something that is not going to work well. Afterall, sleep is the key to accomplish most of what your diet and exercising have to offer. Ironically, the statistics of obesity is almost identical to the percentage of sleep deprived people. This way you can easily connect the dots and realise that the connection is much more than just coincidental. Research has revealed that sleeping less than 7 hours per night can neutralise the effect of dieting. So you can well realise the importance of sleep for weight loss.

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  • Sleep Helps to Curb Your Late-Night Snacking – The longer you are awake, the more likely you are to consume more calories that are not required. This habit of yours can cause you to gain more weight. Research has revealed that sleep deprived subjects gain more weight than their well-rested counterparts. This mostly happens because the sleep-restricted people have consumed more than 500 calories at the time when the others were sleeping.
  • Poor Sleep Alters the Fat Cells – Did you notice that every time you fail to have a good night’s sleep you wake up feeling grumpy, confused and dazed! Your fat cells do the same. Metabolic grogginess is something that your body suffers from when it is sleep deprived. University of Chicago researchers coined this term “Metabolic grogginess” after analysing just 4 days of sleep deprivation. The hormones that control your fat cells feel the same way. Within just 4 days of poor sleep the ability of the body to use insulin gets disrupted. In fact, the insulin sensitivity drops by more than 30 percent according to research. You should understand that when you become insulin-resistant, the lipids or fats pump out more insulin by circulating in the blood. Consequently, the excessive insulin stores the fats in all the wrong places like the tissues such as liver. This is how you get over-weight and suffer from diseases like diabetes.
  • It Helps to Burn More Calories – After a good night’s sleep, not only do you have the energy to take on the day, but your body also torches the calories at the time when you are not moving. The resting energy expenditure (means the amount of calories burned when not moving) of the normal person is five times higher than the tired counterparts. After a meal, too, they burned about 20 percent more calories than the tired counterparts.

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  • Sleep Assists You to Fight Cravings and Make Healthy Choices – The lack of sleep actually changes the way your brain works. This can make it more difficult to resist the tempting foods and healthy choices. The frontal lobe of the brain is in charge of the self-control and decision-making and the activity of the frontal lobe of the brain is dulled by sleep deprivation. Moreover, the reward centres of the brain are stimulated by food when you are deprived of sleep. Therefore, after a night of poor sleep the ice cream bowl does not only look more delicious, but it is more challenging for you to practise self-control. Your affinity towards food that are high in calories, fat and curbs also increases because of lack of sleep.

The above are some of the reasons why a good night’s sleep can help you achieve a slim and healthy body. So if you are not being able to sleep at night you should immediately consult with your dentist, who can help you with the right treatment procedure like snoring treatments, so that you can put any issue responsible for making you sleep-deprived at bay

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