Automation Testing Tool

Why Selenium is the Best Automation Testing Tool?

The most important aspect of the development of a software application is software testing. In recent times, applications are loaded with numerous functionalities and due to which huge possibility of bugs and issues are likely.

Due to high competition, the developers cannot afford even trivial bugs to be delivered with the product which may get rejected immediately by the customers.

In such a situation, automation testing comes as a great help for the software developers to increase the speed of the testing process and to ensure the accuracy of the delivery.

The most interesting thing about automation is that it reduces the cost while increasing the quality and speed of testing.

Manual Testing vs Automation Testing

To know more about the importance of automation testing, it is necessary to first get to know the difference between manual and automation testing.

Manual testing involves manually testing an application by attempting out the different combinations of inputs to make sure expected results are achieved.

On the other hand, Automation testing involves testing software applications with the use of scripts and tools. These automated scripts make testing the applications easy, quick and multiply the scope of various possibilities as well.

Benefits of Automation

Automated Testing Saves Time and Money

During development cycles, software applications are tested repeatedly to make sure of the quality. Manually testing repeatedly takes too much of time and is more expensive.

Automation testing gives you the opportunity to run automated scripts over and again without spending extra and saving time as well.

Automation Increases Test Coverage

Automation can improve and increase the scope of tests and enhance the quality of the software. Executing thousands of complicated test cases during every test run is not possible manually but through automation, it is possible and easily done.

Automation Improves Accuracy

Even the most hardworking tester has the possibility to make errors while the repeated test runs done manually. But when the same is done through automation testing accuracy is assured and testers can be spared more time to invest on developing new automated test cases.

Which Automation tool to select?

There are plenty of tools for automation testing in the market like Katalon Studio, Watir, UFT, Selenium, Test Complete, etc.

Among all these tools the best one which stands out because of its fantastic features is Selenium. The foremost reason for this tool to be in high demand is it comes absolutely free. It’s an open-source tool.

This tool also has a big user community world-wide which provides regular updates and solutions related to this tool. Selenium’s other superb feature is it works with all programming languages like Python, Java, C#, Perl, Ruby etc.

It supports all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. Selenium can be easily installed and used. Big Software Concerns use this tool and therefore the job opportunities for this tool are growing with every passing day.

How to master Selenium skills?

The one and only place to get trained in this tool is TestLeaf.  Testleaf is the best training institute which provides in-depth training on Selenium with java language

Simple to Implement: Selenium instrument is an incredibly easy to understand apparatus. Simple to download, arrangement and use. 

So on the off chance that you are as yet suspecting on which mechanization instrument to upskill, at that point don’t burn through your time.

The best spot to learn Selenium is at TestLeaf, Chennai. They are the best preparing establishment in Chennai which gives ongoing Selenium training in Chennai.

Their training spread selenium ideas from nuts and bolts to propel level and give continuous tasks to the members to take a shot at. A lot of assignments separated from the study hall preparing ensures that members get adequate practice on every idea.

Their meeting based preparing and resume modifying sessions are inconceivable which help the members to pick up certainty while confronting the meeting board. Through and through, Testleaf no uncertainty is the best spot to get prepared effectively on Selenium. 

Even if you are from a non-programming background, their training curriculum makes sure that concepts are started from the basics. Their training also includes real-time projects and advanced frameworks like TestNG, POM and Cucumber.

Their training is completely practical based and also plenty of assignments are a part of their program to make sure the participants get a thorough understanding of each and every topic.

TestLeaf gives an overall training wherein interview based training is also a part of their curriculum. Their trainers are absolute professionals with expertise in the tool.

TestLeaf also devotes for post-training placement support for their participants. So friends, get the best of automation testing with Selenium and best of Selenium training at TestLeaf.

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