Influencer marketing can provide great opportunities when it comes to SEO if your goal to use influencer marketing to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process by which websites can increase their natural or unpaid search rankings in the search engine results.  SEO targets several types of searches including-video searches, image searches and so on.

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Influencer marketing is a type of marketing strategy which puts focus on influential people rather than the entire market in general. This form of marketing involves the identification of those people who have some kind of influence on customers. Thus the marketing activities are oriented around these influences.


Influencers are oriented people with the power to engage customers and motivate them. The fight to become a top- ranking website in a search engine’s results has led to illegal means of achieving top ranks. But the change in Google’s algorithm has ensured that such activities are completely stopped, and only by the use of white hat SEO techniques better ranks can be achieved. Influencer marketing helps in branding. There are many ways to make a brand well known and famous. You should know the benefits of branding before creating a influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

Some of the ways influencers have an impact on your SEO-

  • To build a strong link profile

High Quality Links

Quality of the link profile has a great impact on the website’s ranking. Working with influencers has a great chance for a generation of better and more natural backlinks for the website which can improve your site ranking.

  • Provide intriguing content

Influencers marketing can put the website owner in touch with people who specialize in producing captivating and shareable content.

  • Increase in content reach and engagement

Influencers have a huge following and great reach to the general public which can improve your visibility automatically. If a brand or product is advertised through an influencer, the chance of earning the trust of their followers increases.


  1. Identify your influencers

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Firstly, it is important to identify your influencers by using tools, paying attention to the list of top influencers by various organizations. Find out about the type of influencers you need for your brand and then prepare a list of 30-50 influencers according to your requirements.

  1. Segregate and separate your list

After the influencers have been short-listed, you need to give some special attention to them by following them on every relevant platform and later on separating them from the masses. Twitter has a list-building feature, where you can create a new list & visit their profile and now you can view a thread with only their updates. Although Facebook doesn’t have an equivalent feature, you can still follow and interact with other pages.

  1. Build links with influencer

link building

There are several ways to build a link with influencers such as-

  • Product or Site Review’s

You can search for popular blogs of influencers and review their products and website which can tend to provide a link with an influencer.

  • Guest posting

  • Contest or Giveaway

  1. State what advantage they can receive

Influencers provide creative content to their followers. They will not put forth any effort if there is no motivation for any advantage which can they receive. They wouldn’t want to waste their precious time if the offer is not great. You should provide them with something for which they would want to work with you, even if you are doing influencer marketing on a short budget. You can provide them with offers such as-

  • Shares from your own social channels

  • Provide a link to their content in your email newsletter

  • Offer to get a free product or be a tester

  • Provide a link to their interview or testimonials on your website

The ultimate aim of influencers is to reach and have an increase in engagement with brands if a get something good in return.

  1. Provide the influencers with resources

You can provide them with brand guidelines, photography, video and other relevant items that can help them in knowing your brand better. You should always be available to provide answers to their queries about how a product works, or any of its features.

Any influencer marketing campaign cannot build to a single interaction. Always follow up and show gratitude once your campaign is over. This can inspire the influencer to post about you again later on. Your coverage will increase through the growth of their followers. But, to gain this advantage you need to check in with your influencers every now and then.

The influencer marketing campaign to increase your ranking in SEO can be more strong if you find an approach and work with your influencer in a very positive and engaging manner.

  1. Provide more and more content

Content Fresh

The more available content about your brand, the more visibility you receive along with much more traffic and better conversion rates. There are many ways by which you get influencers to generate more interesting content for you.

  • You can use Instagram to upload images of users who are using your product, which can increase your search ranking in SEO.

  • You can also take part in Facebook and other forum discussions to publish some content which has been generated by users.

Increasing the content about your products for your website can make more information available to your customers. If more and more people are looking for your contents, automatically your search ranking would go up. Next, you can establish a connection with the influencer. The vast amount of content can attract the influencers to find out more about your brand and if they like it they may be ready to recommend and promote your brand.

  1. Reward your influencer

The smartest thing you can do is to give your influencer more reason to talk about you. This can be done by giving them a reward or compensation for all the effects made by them to spread a positive word about you.

You can give free products, discounts on the products they purchase or commission on the products that are brought through their own link. You can also help them by sharing their content or liking and commenting on their posts. If your influencer is a writer you can give write 5-star reviews for them on Amazon or other applications.

  1. Keep track of everything

When you build a cordial relation with the influencers and they start promoting your brand, always keep track of everything that is happening. You can monitor the demographics of your influencer marketing and all the time of days of the week when you see that the number of visitors has increased. The biggest aim of influencer marketing is to gain popularity and spread the word about your brand, which can increase your SEO ranking by bringing in more visitors. By keeping track of all the changes that are occurring in the website traffic you can figure out how positively your influencer is working.


Influencer marketing has gained popularity over the last decade. There are several advantages that are seen in reference to SEO if an influencer is used to promote a brand name-

  • Incredibly powerful

Influencer marketing is extremely powerful as everyone believes the recommendations made by famous personalities. Brands and companies can use the opportunity of enhancing their advertisement strategy through the help of social media personalities. Hiring a social media marketing agency in Mumbai is always beneficial for a brand. The team of marketers in the agency being always in touch with influencers which helps the brand to get quick results from the influencer marketing campaign.  Search engine’s results identify this and in turn reward you by increasing your search ranking for being more important in their eyes.

  • It’s social

With the rapid advancement of technology, consumers are able to communicate quickly and easily with other people regarding their purchase. People look forward to social media personalities to help them decide which product they should buy and which brands to trust. Influencer marketing then comes into play to increase your sales and popularize your brand name by talking about your products and brands on their social media accounts.

  • Everyone is talking about it

Influencer marketing is becoming popular each day. Influencer promotes a brand name on their blogs and social media account helping the brand gain a better search result ranking and SEO.

  • Boost to brand visibility

Competition in the digital market is getting aggressive and more challenging with a huge increase in the number of brands and companies. In order to create a buzz and make your voice heard, you need to communicate more efficiently with your target audience. This can be done through an influencer who can promote and spread positive words about your brand, generating more traffic in your website. An increase in traffic can prove to be beneficial for your website ranking through SEO.

  • Growth of site traffic

Influencer marketing is proving to be a great method to increase and generate traffic to your site. The referral links given by your influencer can help in generating this traffic. You can use your own SEO skills in order to make your company grow by working with popular influencers. These influencers can become a great help in generating more publicity about your product, resulting in the growth of traffic and ultimately a better search result.

It is very clear that influencer marketing plays a vital role in providing a better ranking in the search engines results by SEO by increasing traffic and promotion of brand name.

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