The Biggest SEO trends – 2019

SEO is a continuous process in the world of digital marketing. Which techniques will continue? Which trends will die or become old? The answer to all your questions is in this article. In this article, we are going to go through the latest and biggest SEO trends of this year. Acme Infolabs is a highly rated SEO company India that offers excellent services.  Here are some of the biggest SEO trends of 2019 you must know.

1. Voice Search Begins

 Voice Search Begins

Voice search is clearly growing in trend. It will not be a shock if we will hear Ok Google all around us in every few minutes. It is said by the experts that by 2020, 50% of searches will be voice searches. The population using voice search is growing at a very rapid rate.

While the facts confirm that the world of SEO is continually changing and advancing, the expansion in voice search use is perhaps the greatest change yet. That is on the grounds that it’s something totally extraordinary and it requires a totally unique improvement procedure. It’s also necessary to know that Google prefers short answers to the result of voice searches, an average of about 29 words.

2. Mobile optimizationMobile optimization

Back in 2018, Google started rolling out mobile optimization. A change that has been emerging for a long time now. The mobile first-index is not a year old, so it’s hard to state where precisely it will head. In any case, what is clear is the manner by which significant speed depends on July’s Speed Update. Just as the fact that it is so critical to building a genuinely responsive site, one that not exclusively is completely utilitarian on cell phones yet in addition one that moves in all respects rapidly.

Building better mobile sites and creating a better client user experience for people utilizing cell phones is basic. Since while it’s not clear precisely what is coming up next for versatile first ordering, what is clear know, based on Google’s past, is that its all about offering your visitors websites that are easy to explore and browse, that offer great client experience and that move quickly.

3. Blockchain technology

. Blockchain technology

Blockchain may be for the most part connected with Bitcoin and digital money, as a rule, however, blockchain’s impact will be considerably more expansive than that. The blockchain intends to make a protected and reliable record of exchanges.

What’s more, it tends to be utilized to verify the exchanges occurring on the search engines as well – the links among promoters and site owners. Google, in this sense, is the broker between the promoter and site owner, helping them trust one another with the goal that these exchanges will run easily.

Blockchain can confirm that each client is who they state they are, with 100% precision. It can see whether an advertisement was seen by a genuine individual and not a bot. It can enable you to ensure that the site proprietor pays for certifiable snap through to their site.


There are a ton of changes occurring in the advanced world at this moment, incorporating into the universe of website design improvement. It’s an energizing – if also somewhat alarming – time. It probably won’t be clear what the future will bring precisely, however, unmistakably rising and more established technologies are beginning to huge effect SEO – if it’s not previously occurring, at that point in any event’s will undoubtedly happen soon.

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