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The Latest SEO Trends Making Their Way In 2019

There a several trends in SEO which are making their way in 2019. In order to be top of the competition it is important to think of your SEO strategy beforehand. This is also known as the shortcut to success. As being aware of the upcoming trends can make your business go ahead in the competition. There are also companies who are providing SEO services in Pakistan.

The latest update for this year is that Google has shaken the whole world with its speed related efforts. All the SEO’s expectations are likely to go in this direction. So for businesses, they need to be ahead and to benefit them here are some prevailing trends in this field.

Consider Page Speed:

Google is famous for delivering quick and fast results, we just search for something and it appears in front of us within a few seconds. If you have page that takes in loading then it would de-motivate users to look into it. A site was analyzed for the page speed limits; it was highly evaluated on the basis of technicalities. The main thing which is of concern, is that how is the speed generated. The answer to this is that data for the metric’s which is taken from chrome user experience report has the performance of all users data base.

This basically reflects on the fact how your web page loads for the visitors. This may be hard to measure and also depends on the internet speed of each user. Speed metric is very new and not everyone is familiar to it, that’s the reason Google is testing it so well.

Page Speed seo

Ranking Signals:

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that Google uses online brand mention in its search algo. There two ways through which brands can be used as ranking signals. Search engine works very efficiently; it learns very quickly that your brand is your own entity. Secondly, the context and sentiment of each component matter a lot, as it is build on reputation, trust and advertising. This also enables it to differentiate between the bad and the good. As it said that reputation matters a lot when it comes to rankings. Brand mentions all around, are sometime also likely to affect the site’s rankings. Backlinks are also a great ranking signal which can also be used.

Seo Rankings

Mobile First Indexing:

This means that Google uses the mobile version of the business page which you have created, for the purpose of indexing and ranking.  This is extremely new, as just a year back Google has started the process of migrating sites to mobile first index. As people nowadays are using mobile computing and Google won’t leave any chance to benefit it’s users in every possible way.

Whereas, some people get confused by the term mobile-first indexing does not mean, that only mobile would be used. There’s a version for both mobile and desktops. The whole “mobile first” means that Google would be using mobile versions for the ranking of sites. This is working in favor for many businesses as well as Google as this helps with getting faster responses.

Mobile Index

General Data Protection Regulation:

GDPR was passed in the European Union. It serves a great purpose, as it regulates a very difficult issue, who owns the data which is created but the users of that data. Hence, now users have the authority to request the companies to view their data, to get an insight about what sough of data the company has selected for them. Users can also ask for any kind of corrections if they see that something isn’t right with the given data. In case the company fails to comply with the given rules and regulations then users do hold the authority to sue that company and a severe fines would be charged.

Not only, local but international companies also have to comply with regulations. Due to which Google also decided to introduce changes into its analytics. This means all the personal data that is generated from the users expires after a certain time period usually after 26 months. This includes all kind of data demographics, affinity data. The site owner also holds the authority to change the collection of data as per their own requirements and now it is also possible to delete data as per user’s request.

Amazon Search:

First thing that everyone should know is that Amazon is not a universal search engine. It’s an algo and somewhat similar to Google but it is only used for internal searches within the pages of Amazon. People are going crazy for it because they can go straight into the shopping pages of Amazon to do their shopping. There are various researches conducted and it was found that 56% of the customers visit Amazon, firstly, if they want to shop while some search for things that are not available anywhere else.

Therefore, for all the potential businesses out there, it is important for them to be available on Amazon or else they are missing out on 56% of the potential customers. Here are some tips on how to start with the process

  • Start by making a description for the product or service which you’re selling, make it so attractive that user’s get into to buying it.
  • Provide high-quality images of the product or services which are being offered.
  • Track the customer reviews and try to solve all the complaints which may occur.

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