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Top HR Mobile Apps that Strengthen HCM Strategies

Getting your Human Resources department up and running can be challenging, hiring experienced professionals might make sense at a certain point. If you are just starting out however, you may need something cheaper and more flexible.

Companies are now realizing that the way candidates apply for jobs, the way they set goals and the way they capture feedback, the way they communicate and decide who to move into what position, all of this can be digitized and informed with new digital platforms.

More than 50% of the internet traffic today comes from mobile devices, yet fewer than 20% of HR applications are actually running on Mobile Game App Development systems. So, this presents still a massive amount of work for HR companies to build HR infrastructures that businesses need today.

This is considerably an enormous fast growing trend and one can say that in the near future this is going to change the way HR companies work. One of the most critical elements of digital HR is designed thinking, understanding what people do during the day at work. And creating journeys and user experiences through the digital life that we live to support HR functions.

So if you are looking to get a grip on your HR functions, here is a list of HR apps that will help you out.


For businesses that are onboarding large number of people per year especially those hiring contingent or seasonal workers. The administrative overhead and the paperwork can get incredibly painful. WorkBright simplifies the onboarding process by inviting employees to complete all of their paperwork online before day 1, most of the time from their smartphones.

Once you decide to hire someone simply enter a few bits of information and the date to you want to invite your employee to begin their onboarding. The app sends an invitation email and the employee can log-in. Through the tool employees can access their paperwork from any computer, phone or tablet device. 

Employees can even upload their driver’s license and other information by simply snapping a picture and uploading it on the tools main interface. Through using a fingertip on the screen employees can sign documents digitally. On the HR side one can simply review forms instantly as they come through in a simple and intuitive inbox.

Optimum HRIS

Optimum HRIS offers product configuration and product flexibility. Through this software the user can maintain complete control over the data and time by processing the pay-roll in house. The user can also through this tool choose how to deploy the pay-roll, one can deploy either on-premise or through the cloud.

Optimum provides amazing level of control over pay-roll, HR positioning activities, time and attendance. Currently optimum software is said to process 12 million pay-checks around the world.

Some key features related to this tool are job applicant tracking, attendance management, compensation and compliance management. The tool also allows for HR record keeping and government reporting. 


Namely is a platform designed to centralized all of your HR tasks, it hosts new employee onboarding as well as information regarding all the employees within the company. Within the portal everyone can access contact information, current task employment and position. 

It features a newsfeed for on company wide information, it also makes it easy for employees to sign-up for benefits like health insurance plans and more. Pay-roll and tax deductions can be handled from a single platform which really frees up the HR team.

Namely emphasizes on bringing your whole employee base closer together, this is the reason that the portal is host to tools like the employee opt charts, phonebooks and schedule calendars.

Kronos Workforce Ready

The Kronos Workforce Central tool came out on Android 6 and has since raised the bar with the capabilities of the tool, at first it was only a time and attendance tool but now it has grown to be a complete HR solution provider.

This tool delivers a broad and deep HCM software solution, this tool consists of the industry most robust and user friendly feature sets for employees. This tool contributes a lot when it comes to on-demand access to information, scheduling efficiencies and the reduction of cycle times particularly for high volume routine HR processes.

The Workforce Central has the ability to present some unique reporting features and utilizes drag and drop capabilities which greatly simplifies Custom iOS App Developers for Hire reporting needs for non-technical users. The most impressive part about Kronos is its advanced reporting capabilities.

Reports such as data marts, data warehousing and OLAP are available to support multi-dimensional analysis. Plus the analytics module included in this tool can also be configured to leverage other business intelligence tools such as Business Objects, Brio or Cognos.


This software automates core HR functions through powering employee self-service, time off requests, attendance reports, documents sharing and more. The gold of this tool is to get users out of tracking employee through spreadsheets and other paperwork though a personalized software that translates time into meaningful work.

This software can consolidate data from various business sources into a single view. It lets employees access, control, sort and analyze the data instantly from almost any device with internet access. The software allows employers to manage job and salary history, benefits, trainings and core HR functions.

The tools comes with a simplified interface with bold features on the main navigation page to make use and understanding easy. The employees have their time in, time out information, not only this through average attendance the tool can assess employee time trend to better understand the productivity of the employee.

Employee stats are shown in a neat visualized way in the form of pie charts and bar charts. The vendor list and ongoing processes are shown in a section below from where the manager can check status and make any further changes if need be.

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