Pneumonia Disease

Types of Pneumonia Disease | ThingsWhat You Need to Know

Pneumonia Disease is a fairly common infection wherein inflammation of lungs occurs along with the accumulation of fluids in the lung tissue. This infection may be caused by different viruses, bacteria or fungi. There are different types of pneumonia and the treatment for this condition varies according to the type along with the severity of the infection. Bacterial pneumonia is a type of pneumonia that is caused by different bacteria.

Streptococcus Pneumonia


1st types of pneumonia are Streptococcus Pneumonia Disease. Streptococcus pneumonia is the bacteria commonly responsible for this form of pneumonia. Bacterial pneumonia is one of the most common types of pneumonia and is usually observed among individuals having a compromised immune system. The symptoms associated with this condition include shaking chills, chest pain, high temperature, rapid breathing, cough producing greenish or yellow mucus and fever.

Viral Pneumonia Disease

Aspiration pneumonia

2nd types of pneumonia in the list is Viral pneumonia.Viral pneumonia is also one of the common types of pneumonia and this condition is caused by viruses. In fact, half this form of pneumonia accounts for around half of the pneumonia cases.

The initial symptoms of viral pneumonia are similar to those experienced in bacterial pneumonia and include a cough along with breathlessness. Aspiration pneumonia is a type which is caused by inhalation of vomit, food, drink and mouth secretions along with foreign materials.

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Atypical Pneumonia

Atypical Pneumonia

3rd types of pneumonia in the list is atypical pneumonia.  Among the different types of pneumonia atypical pneumonia is caused by the Legionella pneumonia Phila, chlamydia Phila pneumonia, and mycoplasma pneumonia.

Mycoplasmas are responsible for causing mycoplasma Pneumonia Disease and among the different types of pneumonia, the symptoms associated with this condition may be different. The symptoms include a cough resulting in the production of mucus. Other symptoms include rashes along with anemia and in some cases, meningitis and encephalitis may also occur.

Pneumonia Caused by Chlamydia Pedophilia And Mycoplasma:


4th is pneumonia caused by chlamydia Phila and mycoplasma. Pneumonia caused by chlamydophila and mycoplasma are relatively mild forms of pneumonia. The symptoms associated with these types of pneumonia tend to be drawn out.

In many cases, individuals tend to contract Pneumonia Disease during a hospital stay and this infection is termed as hospital-acquired pneumonia. This form of pneumonia is quite serious as the immune system of the patient is often weak because of the hospital stay. The infecting organisms in this form of pneumonia are also rather dangerous.

Community-Acquired Pneumonia


Community-acquired pneumonia is caused by bacterial pathogens like Haemophilus influenza, streptococcus pneumonia, and moraxellacatarrhalis. Around 85% of the community-acquired pneumonia cases are caused by these pathogens.

Among the different types of pneumonia legionnaire’s disease is an infection which is caused by Legionella pneumo Phila bacteria. These bacteria can cause symptoms ranging from a mild cough to fever and even serious Pneumonia Disease.

These bacteria survive in moist and warm conditions and thrive in the air conditioning systems. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia is a lung infection which is caused by a fungus called Pneumocystis carinii. Those individuals whose immune systems are compromised by HIV or AIDS may get this infection.

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