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How to improve memory power? 2018

Earlier, we remembered dates, phone numbers, and names. But, nowadays, everything has turned digital. So, there is decidedly less need for us to recollect things. The repeated recollection of phone numbers and dates helped us earlier as an exercise to support the memory levels. But, now we do not provide such activities to our brain. So, we tend to forget things with ease. If you are concerned about how to improve memory power, let us explore some tips here:

Different ways to improve memory power:

memory power

You can refine your mind in many ways. For instance, you can bring down stress.  Secondly, you can improve memory power your diet; thirdly you can try changing the way you think and finally, you can bring about some lifestyle changes to improve memory. Here, let us explore the changes you can make your diet to improve your memory.

Consume foods rich in antioxidants:

You might be surprised to know that blueberries are effective in safeguarding the brain. This fruit will help with bringing down the effects of aging on the brain, thereby bringing down the chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

You can aim at taking a cup of blueberries per day. You can consume them in any form like freeze-dried, frozen or fresh. Also, pomegranates either in juice form without sugar or taking the fruit as it will provide the antioxidants needed to improve your memory.

Consider eating healthy fats:


You might have heard that many fish inclusive of salmon is good at omega-3 fatty acid content as they are crucial for the healthy functioning of your brain. They are capable of bringing down inflammation, and you can consider taking a 4-ounce serving of healthy fats for two to three times a week for the best results. Avocados also offer healthy fat content that will bring down blood pressure and will contribute to the healthy flow of blood.

Include seeds and nuts in your diet:

Vitamin E is effective in bringing down the cognitive decline associated with age. Nuts and seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E. You can take nuts as an ounce per day, or even you can consume unhydrogenated nut butter. Also, you can choose either raw, or roasted form, but stay clear of salt content in roasted variants.

Consider taking whole grains:

memory grains

You might have heard that whole grains are helpful in promoting cardiovascular health. In turn, it will help with improving blood flow all through the body inclusive of the brain. You can take half a cup of whole-grain cereal and 1-3 slices of bread or a couple of tablespoons of wheat germ per day.

Add beans to your diet:

Beans can stabilize your blood sugar levels. Glucose is the substance on which the brain relies for fuel. You can take half a cup of beans per day to improve memory.

Consume freshly brewed tea:

You can take 2-3 cups of hot or cold beverage per day. The little amount of caffeine in this drink as compared to coffee helps with improving not just mood and focus, but also memory. Tea also has antioxidant content. You can choose loose leaf or a tea bag as powered or bottled tea is not useful. If you have stress, it is better to avoid this tip as caffeine can increase our anxiety/stress.

Take dark chocolate:

Dark chocolates are known for antioxidant richness. They also contain many natural stimulants inclusive of caffeine to improve concentration and focus. You can take half to a single ounce of dark chocolate per day. But, never go over this limit.

In addition to these diet-related tips to improve memory power, you should also take plenty of water to prevent dehydration. You can also consider taking supplements if these suggestions are ineffective for you.

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