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Is Manicure Just a Beauty Regimen or a Healthy Routine For Your Hands?

Many thing that getting a manicure is just a beauty routine but it is so much more than that. It has numerous health benefits that many don’t know about.

Perfectly cured and painted nails are desired by every woman. Who doesn’t want to get complimented about their beautiful hands? The only way to achieve that is by getting a manicure. It can get you soft and gorgeous hands in just one session.

While many might think that getting a manicure in Ottawa is just a beauty regimen, it is much more than that. Most don’t know that manicure has a lot of health benefits too and getting one on a regular basis only improves your skincare and health routine and you are bound to feel the difference. So everyone out there thinking that manicure is a beauty treatment, well we are here to bust certain myths. So keep reading while we get you acquainted to all there is to know about manicures and their advantages health wise.


Hand Care

Manicure is the process used by beauty technicians to clean and cure your nails and massage your hands. The procedure and type of the treatment might vary from salon to salon but the basic procedure goes like this:

  • Any traces of nail polish on the nails are removed by an acetone based polish remover
  • The nails are trimmed and filed to your desired length and shape
  • Your hands are dipped in lukewarm water to soften the tissues
  • The beautician scrubs the hand and fingers clean using a soft brush and cleaning gel or liquid
  • Once the hands are clean the cuticles are pushed back and the excess is trimmed carefully
  • The nails, fingers, and hands are massaged for a few minutes
  • In the final stage, the nails are cured and painted with your choice of nail paint

This is the basic procedure of a normal manicure. The scrubbing, cleansing, and moisturizing not only clean the hands but it also improves the skin of the hand that always remains exposed at all times. There are other health benefits too which we will discuss further.


Now that you know about the basic process of manicure, let’s move on to the health benefits part.


Did you know that the constant exposure to heat, cold and water can cause damage to your nails? All these factors tend to make the nail brittle, weak and discolored. These are not the signs of healthy nails. When typing on the keypad or keyboard, cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the dishes etc your nails are constantly on the exposure.

It can cause the nails to get infected or develop fungi. That’s why regular manicure treatments are necessary for keeping the nails healthy. The procedure cleans and soothes the nails. It gets rid of all the dead cells from the hands making it soft, smooth and healthy.

Beauty Hands


The process of manicure starts with scrubbing and ends with massaging of the hands. All these are great stimulants and increases blood flow in the hands. This positively improves the mobility of the hands and soothes your sores and aches.

Beauty Hands


Since your hands are always on use, the muscles tend to get sore and tired. Getting a manicure massage relaxes the overworked muscles and helps you to de-stress. It is a great way to pamper and treat your hands in a healthy way.

Beauty Hands

To summarize what has been said in this article, getting a manicure in Ottawa is not just a beauty or spa routine its great way to keep your hands healthy. So go get one to relax and rewind.

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