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The Rising Trend of Face Tattoos among the Fashion Set

Nowadays, a huge number of people are sporting face tattoos. Popular celebrities and musicians are also considering more and more visible body art, with the face that is being the hottest area to be claimed for artwork. There are some reasons why people want to have a face tattoo. There are significant disadvantages to getting inked in such a visible area of the face.

Make a Bold Statement

Face tattoos are not something you achieve if you want to be unobtrusive. A famous artist in Florida said that “getting your face inked is a very bold statement, one that should be thought out, very carefully. There is no way to conceal or cover a face tattoo”. Keep in mind that if you are getting tattooed on your face, it’s impossible to hide. You should also mentally prepare yourself to grab crowd’s attention around you. Because people will stare at you and judge you and might be gossip about you, so be prepared for that. With a tattoo, you have to make the decision to be inked and go in confidently and own it. As this tattoo will be a part of you forever, it’s the type of thing you want to do on a whim.

Tattoos Fashion

Don’t Let Others Change You

If a face tattoo is something you are really obsessed with, then go for it. If you are really into the idea then do not let the options of other people bother you. With any tattoo artist, you should get the tattoo for yourself and not care what other people think, it doesn’t belong to them. Most of the people cover the tattoos, even though they like them, but they are tired of answering the questions from other people. Therefore, never let other people be the reason you decide to change something, especially altering a tattoo that you love the most.

Appeal of Face Tattoos

There is a specific appeal when it comes to face tattoos and the biggest one has to do with sending a message. Show others that you don’t care what they think. One shouldn’t get a throat tattooed without getting the chest inked. Most of the people get throat tattooed to achieve the heavier look, but when they take their shirt off and the naked chest looks so empty and blank. Same issue with a hand tattoo without a sleeve. It looks like they are wearing a glove.

Drawbacks of Face Tattoos

There are significant drawbacks to have your face tattooed. So think twice before jumping into something that’s popular at the moment. When something is trendy, people don’t really think about its cons. Following a tattoo fashion could make someone unemployable. Your career opportunities are the biggest potential downside to face tattoos. However, you can go for vegan tattooing as they get fade faster than plant-based inks but never fade away completely. That is why a large number of people who have them are the rich and famous. Most musicians and celebrities don’t need to panic about the tattoos as they are financially secure and they are who they are and do what they want. Is everyone that lucky?

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