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Is Selling a Wrecked Car Easy in Australia?

No one wants their shiny new cars or even slightly older ones to get wrecked. Yet, it is something many of us have to go through every so often. Australia is one of the biggest countries of the world and is also one of the least populated as well. All big cities are located at fair distances from each other requiring cars and vehicles to travel quite a bit on daily basis. All this activity and regular driving can cause cars or vehicles to age faster than they should in theory.

Additionally, there are many other different reasons that can make a car or vehicle become non-usable. For all these cars that maybe not very useful in their current states, there might be something that could be salvaged for them. Selling a wrecked car in Australia may yet be easier than what many might think. Some conditions and factors that can make cars go wrecked in Australia are:

  • Traveling all the time and too many miles on the meter
  • Major accidents wrecking cars altogether beyond repair
  • Mechanical or technical faults that require more expensive repairs than car’s value
  • Engine failures for older cars or vehicles
  • Wrecked because haven’t been used, moved or maintained in a long time

Fortunately, for all different types or wrecked cars, selling them is actually easier in Australia than it is in many other parts of the world. Here are some selling channels you could look at when you want to sell your wrecked Used Cars:

Junkyards and Scrapyards

For obvious reasons, junkyards or scrapyards are the first places that come to mind when trying to sell your wasted wrecked car. These yards are known to buy wrecked cars where they either sell their parts to anyone who might need them or they actually wreck their materials and pass them along for recycling to the right channels.

CAR Junkyards

Important Fact:

These junkyards might want to buy any wrecked car but you’d have to expect somewhere south of 1000-1500 dollars regardless if what car model or make you have. Sometimes, newer cars that get wrecked from accidents can get paid slightly higher than that figure, but still peanut money is a term often related to junkyards and scrapyards when selling your broken wrecked car with them.

Garages or Workshops

Then there are garages and workshops who also sometimes buy broken wrecked cars for parts. These guys use good parts in wrecked cars for their other cars or vehicles that need parts for repairs or replacements. These guys will often pay slightly higher prices than junkyards but don’t expect too much out of them as well because the whole purpose they’d have to buy your wrecked car is to use its good parts for other cars.

CAR Garages

Important Fact:

Although it might seem natural for garages to buy wrecked cars, but there actually are too many conditions and factors that apply to this type of a transaction. They have to need car parts from the exact model and make that you want to sell and then their required parts have to be in good enough condition. All in all, there might be too much to look at here and the ideal conditions might only be met for a select few only.

Car Resellers and Restorers

One of the great things car restorers do is they don’t let old cars go to waste. These guys often buy some of the most wasted and wrecked types of cars and then restore them to their former glory. Often, these restorers and resellers pay top dollar for an old legendry car or vehicle that can become their next project and a restore special offer. When you can find a restorer buyer for your old good car, it can be a gold strike for you.

Car Resellers

Important Fact:

These restorers and resellers only go for old classics. Unless you have a Chevy 65 or a Daytona 69 or something else like these true legends of the past, you might not be able to interest them at all. Finding a restorer is not the easiest thing in the world as well as these guys find what they need on their own and don’t often have channels where they advertise their specialties.

Junk Wrecked Car Removal Experts

When it comes to Free Car Removals, your best bet might be wrecked car removal service providers. These are services that are available for free and leave you with a pocket full of cash. Usually available with doorstep car removal, scrap car buyers have good recycling channels that enable them to pay top dollar for an old wrecked and broken car in Australia.

Car Removal

Important Fact:

When you need a quick sell for your wrecked old car in Australia, a Scrap Car Removal expert would be your best option. These guys are available on the internet usually and have physical stores or garages as well that you can visit.


Australia is one of the better places in the world when it comes to selling your wrecked car. You have to know exactly where to look and who to sell your wrecked car to. If you do, you will find it not so difficult to sell your wrecked car. You also have to not expect gold money for your wrecked car. Being open for a little negotiating will be beneficial for both parties, i.e. you and wrecked car buyers you are dealing with.

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