ITIL Certification

Why is ITIL Certification Essential for Your Career Growth?

ITIL Certification Training Certification: Includes a combination of Information Technology and business management. Though it started in the U.K., it is now a globally recognised certification.

A Brief Intro

Brief Intro

ITIL training introduces individuals to the ITIL Certification framework and IT services that are indispensable in any industry. ITIL can help them to enhance the IT service management performance which impacts the performance of an organisation on the whole.

Individuals with this training can –

  • Improving efficiency of a business.
  • Understand the key responsibility areas
  • Risk management ideas
  • Overview of the technology and architecture
  • Monitor undergoing process and projections

ITIL Certification Levels

ITIL Certification Levels

ITIL training grows your understanding of the basics of ITIL and ITSM cycles with rigorous lab practices. Since its inception, ITIL Certification has been revised and amended many times. Currently, ITIL has 5 different certification tiers, these are –

  1. Foundation Level: This is an entry-level program which introduces to the key concepts and terminologies. It includes5 core areas like service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, and continual service improvement.
  2. Practitioner Level: It is a step between Foundation and the Intermediate Level which helps the user to understand and implement the process in their organisation.
  3. Intermediate Level: This is bifurcated into modules which consist of detailed information regarding intricacies of the industry.
  4. Expert Level: This is for those who already have a vast knowledge and are proficient in ITIL and look for boosting it even more.
  5. Master Level: This is to check whether the member can successfully apply the principles and techniques practically from ITIL to his/her workplace.

Why choose ITIL?

choose ITIL

Experiencing ITIL course along with practising at labs can help in implementing the theories properly in the real-life workplace. This would benefit in getting better productivity as well as understand the need of the application. ITIL also familiarise candidates with all the relevant common terminologies used while speaking with a wide range of clients across the globe.

After successfully completingITIL training, one can expect a major increment in the pay scale. Also, a bright job prospect awaits along with the hike. Thus, ITIL certified individuals have an edge over the non-certified ones.

This is because after going through this course a member will be an asset to their organisation. The management, as well as the colleagues, will recognise this and value opinions more. This can pave a path to showcase efficient leadership too.

Get to Know the Bigger Picture

Most business management profit-centric. Hence, they put some constraints on IT for service design and operations. Here the job of IT is to optimise various segments like availability management, capacity management, IT service continuity management, and information security.

Thus, being ITIL Certification certified can give an advantage in the professional field. There are a plethora of organisations who offer online and offline ITIL training certification courses, but it is recommended to go for classroom courses as they help in knowledge sharing with other peers. Also, the physical presence of instructors in the lab is essential to clear doubts.

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