Large Hard Drives

Stellar Data Recovery Standard is the Well Supported Software for Large Hard Drives

The blog explains the functional criteria and features of Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows software and states what makes it is a well-supported software.

With a huge transition in technology, large volume hard drives have become quite popular among cross-platform users. Irrespective of the platform you use, be it a Mac, Windows, or any other operating system, large volume hard drives have become scalable. Standard hard disks are the primary storage mediums for computers and laptops since a very long time. What adds to its usage is the low cost and storage capacity it offers. 

Currently, Solid State Drives (SSDs) have replaced the hard drives due to the extensive features these drives offer. They are relatively faster and come with extended storage capacity. The feature of SDDs makes it quite preferable over HDDs, and this is why a number of users are replacing their storage media.

Well, even though larger storage drives offer several storage benefits, the only thing that makes them a matter of debate is the level of corruption. However, with Stellar Data Recovery – Standard software, we can recover data from any type of corruption. The tool is well-supported for recovering data from large volume hard drives. 

Hands-on Experience with Stellar Data Recovery Software!

Data Recovery

I got to know about the tool when I came across a situation where my system hard drive became inaccessible. After much research, it was finally concluded that the issue was with the hard drive itself as some bad sectors were found on the drive. Initially, I tried numerous built-in options to recover data, but they all failed. As soon as I would start the system, it would turn off after a few minutes. 

When the third party hard drive recovery software was employed, all the data became available. The tool integrates advanced scan and recovery algorithms that make it work efficiently with almost all kinds of hard drive issues. First, let me mention the functional criteria that I followed to recover data from the tool. 

  1. For getting started, download and install the tool and then launch it. 
  2. You will see the easy to use window where you get the option to select data type. Just select data type and click on “Next” button.

Large Hard Drives

  1. Now, you will see select location window from where you can select the drive location to recover your lost data and after select the location of your lost data click on “Scan” button.
  2. Software will start the scan process and all the files existing within the particular partition will get displayed in the tool panel
  3. It gives the option to either recover the entire data from a particular folder or can recover selected files (whatever option you prefer)
  4. It also allows selecting particular file formats for recovery. This makes the procedure faster if specific files are required immediately
  5. Next, the destination path can be provided as per preference. The recovered file(s) will get stored at this defined location

Why is it Considered as a Well Supported Recovery Solution for Large HDDs? 

Turn System to Boot from Unbootable State: Stellar data Recovery tool also considered as a complete recovery solution since it also allows recovering data from even unbootable systems. The main cause behind system tuning to unbootable state is when boot files incorporated in BIOS turns corrupt. The files turn corrupted due to mishandling or virus interruption. 

Recovers Data from Formatted Hard Drives: Data from formatted hard drives can also be recovered using this recovery software. At times, the flash drives or internal and external hard drives are not recognized by the system. This issue can also be resolved using the tool. To prevent this issue from recurring, it is recommended to remove the external media or flash drive carefully, following appropriate procedures. 

Recover Accidently and Permanently Deleted Files: Deleted files can be undeleted with the help of the recovery software. Whatever be the cause behind deletion of files from the system, be it accidental deletion or ‘Shift + Delete’ deletion, the tool will recover it efficiently in just a few clicks. Documents, images, presentations, graphical data along with other data contents can be recovered. 

I have summarized all my experiences with the tool in this blog. The tool is a complete technical solution for recovering data from all kinds of hard drives. The add-on is that even though it is competent in handling numerous data loss concerns, it does not require any technical know-how to operate the recovery tool.

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