Refrigerator Running Like New by Performing

Keep Your Refrigerator Running Like New by Performing These Quick Tasks

The importance of the refrigerator in our daily lives is instantly realized when the power goes off, or the refrigerator stops working due to unit fail. That’s the moment where our food safety and quality is in jeopardy.

Refrigerator helps to slow down the bacterial growth on food that may otherwise spoil the food. As the cold temperature of the refrigerator helps to keep the food fresh for a longer time. These days it is recognized as the important appliance of the home kitchen whose maintenance is in your hands.

If you take care of it. It will help you avoid the large expenses on sudden repair. Now you must be thinking do refrigerators need maintenance? Yes, the refrigerators need regular maintenance. Don’t wonder how do I take care of my refrigerator? We are here to help you keep your refrigerator functional all the time.

Refrigerator Running Like New by Performing 

We assure at the end of this article you will have all the basic knowledge of refrigerator and its maintenance will be at your fingertips. You will be able to keep the great shape and extend the life of your lovely refrigerators.

Proper maintenance can help you minimize depreciation to the appliance.

Do the Proper Cleansing of the Condenser Coils

These coils are specially built to reduce the heat coming out of the refrigerators and freezers. They are placed beneath the refrigerator unit. However, condenser coils filled with dust, dirt and grime make the refrigerator cooling or running ineffective. It makes the heat removal process harder and increases the energy consumption that can lead to various problems and costly repairs. You may have to remove the grill to reach them beneath or backside of the refrigerator.

What you need to do is switch off the refrigerator, snap off the plate or remove the screws. You may purchase the coil cleaning tools from the market to do the perfect job by yourself. However, you can use the vacuum cleaner or long-handled stiff bristle brush to do the cleaning task. It is recommended to clean off the condenser coils twice per year or more often if you have shedding pets.

Inspect The Gasket Frequently for Signs of Wear and Tear

The purpose of the door gaskets in the refrigerator is to seal the gaps along the door frame. It is basically a rubber seal that outlines the refrigerator doors. It emanates the cool air out to make the fridge work harder than it needs. If you find the food residue, water inside the gaskets or gasket sealing is not working well, then gasket will consume more energy. Later it may crack or become deteriorated. Hence, the loose seals in refrigerator require the regular checking. Clean it periodically with the universal cleaner.

Good thing is that it is inexpensive and can easily be replaced. You may avail Sub Zero refrigerator maintenance service from the experienced pro experts. Or if you want to take the risk on your own, you can use the toothbrush and a baking soda + water solution to clean them. However, it is better to avoid such kind of problems by contacting the refrigerator repairer by paying a very low refrigerator maintenance cost.

Defrost the Freezers/ Refrigerators

If you already have a self-defrosting refrigerator, you don’t need to do anything manually. Every 7 to 8 hours, that refrigerator heats up its cooling coils. This process helps to melt the frost deposited on the coils automatically. As a result, water sips out at the bottom of the refrigerator. Nevertheless, if you have to manually defrost your refrigerator, you need to switch off the thermostat and then allow the frost to melt. After that, you need to clean the pain with warm water and a small amount of detergent avoid the odours due to bacterial growth.

Set the Right Temperature

Check the temperature often in both refrigerator and freezer sections of your unit to make ensure that the food is safe. The refrigerator compartment should be around 37-40 degrees while the freezer compartment should be at zero degrees Fahrenheit. This will run the fridge in an effective manner and help you get most of the benefit from it whether it is residential or commercial refrigerator maintenance.

Keep the Refrigerator Filled

No doubt, refrigerators need thermal mass to maintain low temperatures. The refrigerator or freezer will cool better if kept filled with the food content. But, be careful that any vents or controls are not blocked. Cool drinks and cold food absorb the warm air streaming out of the opened door of the refrigerator. If your refrigerator or fridge is too big for your needs and you don’t have enough food to keep in, then at least store a few jugs of water in there. Sometimes, due to the clean out of the refrigerator, it gives a bad odour. So you need to freshen it with deodorizer (specially designed for refrigerators). Or you may also use baking soda and warm water to eliminate the smell.

Replace the Water Dispenser Filter or Ice Maker

Many people don’t realize refrigerator ice makers or water dispensers filters need change. However, it is very important to clean and replace them periodically. Plus, you should weekly clean the shelves and walls of the refrigerator with a damp cloth and warm water.

Place the Refrigerator Away From the Cooktop

It is not always necessary to place the refrigerator in the kitchen no matter it is of Sub Zero or any other brand. If you have enough space in the kitchen, then try to keep it away from the cooktop, or another heat source like oven. Otherwise, it would be hard for the refrigerator to perform well in heat-generating items surrounding. You might have to get Sub Zero appliance repair service.

Warning Signs

Pay attention to some of these warning signs that may occur due to a broken refrigerator.

  • Food starts spoiling early
  • Water is around the unit
  • Ice cream is softening
  • Rare clicking sounds or noise

If you notice any of these signs, then it’s a time to pick the phone and give a call to professionally qualified appliance repair experts.

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