The tooth is a significant part of the human body. It is one of the parts people see when in contact with you. Sometimes called Porcelain Veneers, a Dental Veneers Dubai is an artificial device for the tooth, especially when the need arises to give an attractive look to your dentition. It is a thin shell-like design that is bonded onto the front of the tooth.

Why Use Them?

Fitting one or more of these devices can enhance the surface texture, shape, and color of the tooth. These cosmetic devices are used as treatments for worn, discolored or misaligned tooth. Dentists use them to correct undersized or oversized teeth or fill in gaps between. They cover the entire front part of the teeth. They are used to align a tooth with others.

Advantages of Using Them

Using Porcelain Dental Veneers help to keep your teeth natural and healthy. There is no much preparation required to fit these devices because they are held in position by strong adhesives. Some require very little or no preparation to fit into the tooth.

How It Works

Dentition teeth Works

It takes not less than two visits to fit a veneer. The first visit is to prepare your teeth for it to match the shape. Secondly, the fitting proper is executed. 


During the preparation, some of the shiny enamel surfaces of your tooth may be removed. This allows for a perfect permanent bonding of the fit. The size of the enamel to be removed should be equal to the thickness of porcelain to be fit in place.

For patients not to feel discomfort, a local anesthetic may be used. After the preparation is completed, the dental team will take a mold or impression of the tooth to make the required Veneers. The color of the neighboring teeth is matched on a shade guide. This is to make sure that the veneer comes out naturally when fitted.

Your dentist will allow you to have a preview of the porcelain veneer on your tooth and If you are happy with it, it is finally fitted with an adhesive.  This is a special adhesive.

After a good fit is achieved, most times, only minor changes can be made. There can be polishing by the dentist after a week or more to give you a perfect look.

You don’t need a temporary veneer in between the visits. There is hardly any visible change you’ll notice only that it may appear smoother than before after the preparation stage.

How Long Can It Last?

Veneers are designed to last for as long as you want it, even years. However, they can suffer the same defects as your tooth later such as breaking. Your dental team should be of help to let you know how long.

How Much It Costs

The cost of Dental Veneers Dubai varies depending on the clinic you approach for one. Every practice has its level of expertise and should charge accordingly. Make sure to discuss your treatment charges with the dental team before you go ahead to begin the treatment.


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