Know More Information About DOKTORS

DOKTORS has on its platform boasts of the best doctors in India from all disciplines and specializations.

DOKTORS is an online health care service provider in India. We facilitate online consultation with doctors apart from offering other wellness services. We meet the demand for home-based doctor consultations and other health-related services necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a very effective health teleconsultation destination that makes it possible for patients to book an appointment quickly with just one click of the mouse. 

Residents of several big cities in India can avail online health care services through these platforms, while the inclusion of a few more is in the pipeline. One can have an online video consultation after an online booking of an appointment. If the patient prefers an in-clinic appointment he can do that too, using DOKTORS.

DOKTORS has on its platform boasts of the best doctors in India from all disciplines and specializations. Beginning with general physicians to child specialists, general practitioner, dermatologist, eye doctor, gynecologist, pediatrician, thyroid specialist, podiatrist, neurologist doctor, diabetes doctor, orthopedist, skin doctor, cardiologist, kidney doctor, homeopathic doctor, optometrists, it has all under its roof.

For those who are less inclined toward allopathy but more about other branches of medical science, DOKTORS has yoga, naturopathy, and Unani services as well.

Animal lovers have veterinary services, too, where competent veterinary doctors and other trained personnel are available. If one wants to rejuvenate in a health and wellness centre they can gather the required information on this app from the many wellness centres DOKTORS is associated with and make a booking as per his choice.

Our features:

1. Delivery of medicines at the buyer’s doorstep at a discount.

2. Booked by physiotherapists and nurses as ayas for service at home.

3. Lab test services at home.

4. Doctor’s home visit.

5. Health insurance

6. Maintenance of patients’ medical records

7. Patients are allowed to share their medical records.

8. Tie-up with hospitals.

9. Ambulance services.

10. Health tips.

11. Blogs on health.

Strong technical competence ensures that there are no disruptions while using DOKTORS during online consultation with a doctor or for some other purposes.

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