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Top 4 Nursing Universities in the United States

Are you looking for an institution that offers Nursing courses? If so, the best nursing institutions are found in the United States. In the US, you can study and become a nurse specialist, registered nurse (RN), or a nurse practitioner. There are some basic requirements you must fulfil to join the nursing schools. In particular, you must have completed a high school diploma or an equivalent certification of the same.

Apart from this, you will be expected to come with various equipment and books. For example, nursing students are usually required to carry a student stethoscope. If you have problems with your hearing, you may need a stethoscope for hearing impaired students.

If you are interested to join a Nursing courses school in the United States, you can either select colleges or universities. In most cases, the cost of the two institutions greatly differs, with the tuition fees of universities being higher than those of colleges.

The best nursing institutions in the US are the University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, and University of Johns Hopkins among other universities. Read on for a review of these universities to know what to expect of them.

  1. University of Michigan

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The University of Michigan is located at Anne Arbor and has many varied nursing degree programs. At this school, you can decide to start studying nursing at the undergraduate level and then enrol for a Bachelor in nursing degree. Moreover, the institution offers practice tracks for doctors who have studied nursing. These are post-baccalaureate Doctor of Nursing Practice and Master of Science in Nursing. However, to enrol for these advanced studies, you need to have post master’s qualifications in Leadership, Populations, Systems in an Advanced Clinical Path Certification.

You can also join a class of Doctor of Philosophy program. This nursing program would be ideal for you if you are planning to do research later on. When you enrol in a nursing course, you will benefit from Michigan University’s training skills offered in their major anatomy and skills lab, debriefing, patient, and simulation rooms.

  1. Nursing courses of Pennsylvania

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This is a private institution and research centre found in Philadelphia. If you are interested in joining the School of Nursing, you should know which faculty fits you.

You can opt for a postgraduate or an undergraduate program in nursing. The institution also offers a second-degree program that you can enrol in if you plan to get a Bachelor and Master program in Nursing. If you are interested to join this university, you can study 18 different courses that are in line with nursing in terms of women health, family, pediatric, among others.

  1. University of Washington

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In 2016, the University of Washington was voted among the best Nursing courses nationwide, ranking number five. If you want to join this institution, you can study Master of Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Bachelor of Nursing, or Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science.

If you want to become a registered nurse or a nurse anaesthetist, an undergraduate program would best for you. You can easily earn a nursing certificate if you are a midwife, leadership, nursing education, patient care or an adult nurse practitioner.

  1. University of Johns Hopkins

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The faculty of Nursing in Johns Hopkins is in Maryland, Baltimore. In 2016, the University was awarded the best university in the country. The institution offers a Master’s and Bachelors in Nursing. Moreover, the combination of the two facets is also offered. After finishing your Bachelor of Nursing degree, you can be employed in a clinic as you do a part-time Master course in Nursing.

Nursing Universities Outside the US

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There are also other colleges, Nursing courses and schools that offer nursing courses in different countries. If you cannot come to the US for one reason or another, you should not give up on your nursing dreams when there are many institutions you can enrol in around the world.

You should determine which country you would like to study in and then research the different institutions that offer the nursing course. When you come across a great school, look on the nursing programs it has and compares it with others before making the final choice.

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