Lessons We Learn after Entering Into 1st Year Marital Phase?

“To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup, Whenever you’re wrong, admit it; Whenever you’re right shut up.” – Ogden Nash

Well, many of you can easily connect to the above-written quote easily, right? Especially, people who have been in this beautiful relationship for a year or more. Well, till the time we get into this relationship, the notion of married life seems different to us, however, it is after being married to that person, you actually get to know the underlying elements of a marriage.

The bubble of the married life pops up soon after the marriage. Yes, it does sound scary, but actually, it is not. I am not talking about the dark side of the marriage since everything has these two sides naturally.

It depends upon us, how we perceive everything, right? You love, flight, cry, and what not together with your spouse. At times, you will have to move the mountains to make up for making the blunder (well, to my future husband, if you are reading this, order cake online whenever I get mad at you. There you go, signing off to bed safely).

Well, jokes apart, the first year of married will make you learn various practical and unique lessons, not just about your married life, but also about life. You will observe what a changed person you have becomne after marriage, and what you had been before getting married.

Well, I have prepared a list of some lessons that you can relate with if you are married or get aware of them if not. It can be useful to individuals who are newly married, engaged, planning to get married or are in a relationship. So, let’s get started!!

Learn To Communicate:

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There are many languages out there, and we all communicate differently. We express our feelings differently and also interpret things differently. It is possible that you and your partner may not be able to understand each other at times. I have seen many couples who face a lot of problems in understanding each other due to the communication barrier. Take time and think thoroughly what your partner is trying to say. Be calm and patient when you are trying to explain something to your partner. With time, your understanding will grow to such an extent that you will understand each other just through eyes.

Keep Faith In God:

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It is likely to happen that you will have increased faith or trust in God. The journey of this relationship will make you believe in God in stronger ways. Since going through all the ups and downs together with your partner, and standing tall to every problem makes us left to trust the higher power even more.

Be More, Patient and Calm:

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Being patient in life is what everyone advices us, right? Moreover, when it comes to our married life, being patient is the most crucial advice that I would ever give to anybody. After marriage, eventually, your patience increases. It is one of the most crucial lessons that we get to learn after entering this phase of life. See, you should keep one thing mind if you are looking for a magic mantra foir a happily married life. Treat your spouse in the same way; you would want them to treat you. However, if someday you lose your patience and mess up unintentionally, get them back and send cake online to them with a sorry tag. This gesture can save your ass when you lose all your hopes.

Discuss Those Unvoiced Expectations:

See, when you fall in love with a person, you start having expectations from them, and that is pretty natural. Some expectations are easily understood, while there are some which your partner may find it difficult to understand. You start hurting yourself if your partner fails to fulfill them. So, better would be speaking your heart out to your partner may solve half of your problems and even help you achieve a stronger bond. Sometimes, it happens that you and your partner remain unaware of some marital expectations; however, start talking about your expectations and start believing in comprising for each other.

Don’t Rush For Having Babies:

Having babies just after some time of marriage is probably not a great idea. Spend a few years or at least one year with each other enhancing your understanding and compatibility. Try to know each other as much as you can, then only things will go smooth when the kids arrive. Having babies right after your marriage can lead to unnecessary conflicts and quarrels. So, giving each other enough time will make you both ready to face any situation and difficulty in life.

So, a married life no less a roller coaster ride. You enjoy the ride at one point, and on the other, it can be pretty scary too. So, you need to balance it with your partner. Enjoy little things and appreciate more. Celebration makes life better, so, find excuses to celebrate life every now and than, and a celebration without cake is not even a celebration. Look for online cake delivery and add sweetness to your celebration.

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