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Let’s Make Your Plan Of Using Instagram For Business A Dream Come True

The strategy needs an update or you are just newcomer to this world of social media, you are going to find the tips quite helpful for you to use IG for business.

You already know that IG has more than 700 million monthly active users with a more engaged audience and less competition when compared to other social media giants like Twitter or FB. This will present businesses with the ultimate opportunity to market their items to a more interested and targeted audience without just spending the enormous amount of money on any paid ad. As per the January 2018 rule, IG’s API has already changed. It helped users to publish photos to Instagram business profile with the help of third-party platforms like Sendible, which will make it easier for brands to just take advantage of what IG has to offer. 

Instagram BusinessWhether the strategy needs an update or you are just newcomer to this world of social media, you are going to find the tips quite helpful for you to use IG for business. Even if your business is related to WordPress, you can still get some promising help around here for sure. Always remember to have a chat with experts for better understanding in this regard. They will talk about WP, and how well you can use IG to improve your WP business. For some more details in this regard, you can just visit and get your help covered for sure.

Show what you are associated with a much creative way:

Instagram BusinessFocus right on the solution that you provide and not just on the items you are selling. On the platform of IG, it is always vital to add value to customers and look quite pretty while doing it.

  • Never ever try to underestimate the fact that the most important asset on social media always has to be the visual content.
  • In case, you are running a business which is service oriented, then you can focus on showcasing the process behind providing service. 
  • You can always show the culture of your company, share the mission with the world or just simply share tips and some of the how-to.
  • It is always possible for you to upload photos and some short videos, which are similar top GIFs and Boomerangs, and even some videos which are up and of one minute in length.

Time for the Instagram stories:

Instagram stories

Instagram stories happen to have slideshow format and these are live for a span of only 24 hours. But, you have the right to save it to your device for reusing later. This is a current feature and a direct competitor to that of Snapchat stories. It is now being developed heavily for Instagram. These are mainly some of the benefits associated with IG stories for brands. 

  • Stories can be displayed prominently at top of follower timelines and just under the IG logo. It can further be used for capturing some of the behind the scenes content, which does not always have to be of high quality like regular posts or actual videos.
  • These stories really make it easier to experiment with various content types like short video, photo, Boomerang, video filmed backward and even live videos. You get the opportunity to tag other accounts in stories, which are perfect for collaborative ideal and influencer marketing.
  • There are some fun filters and additions waiting for you to add in IG stories like text, face filters and stickers for helping you to edit images while on the go. Even the story searches for the locations and hashtags will make them all the more discoverable. 

All the videos and pictures that you have added will play in the right sequence of your choice and you have the liberty to add as many as you want. The IG stories adverts become available to all on a global ground right from March 2017. You have the right to use these for targeting some new audiences and also for adding CTAs to collages, which can be used for promotions mainly. Also, remember that stories are only available for the mobile app and it is easier to send IG stories as DM. the proficient use of the social media stories can help indefinitely picking up your brand and finding an engaging way to interact with customers.

Time for creating that winning profile:

instagram profileLike any company, you might have done a lot of things and even came across to so many solutions. Avoid getting way too caught up in just fitting all that in just a mere 150 characters. You need to focus more on the important USP or the next big thing, which can be either a promotion, event or product launch. 

  • As the only clickable link is available in the Bio section, ensure to make habit of just updating it from time to time. It is just a shame that most brands use it for linking to the website when there are so many other ways to work on that. You can think and even drive vent registrations, app downloads or even makes purchases.
  • I also launched the IG business profiles and some paid advertisements. The business profile helps in adding the phone number to bio and provides access to some extensive analytics data that might be otherwise available unless you are using this social media tool. 
  • You can log online to learn more about the ways in which you can set up IG account for businesses. Here, you will get some step by step guidance and enjoy some key elements to consider while managing IG for other businesses.

Always be sure of behind the scenes:

Customers generally have a natural curiosity about their products and who can use IG for showing the whole lifecycle. It is mainly relevant for the companies, which are selling some eco-friendly items or fair trade products. Source images for demonstrating how items are made from scratch, along with production and distribution might generally attract customers even more. So, try to create that separate segment, where you will show all the behind the scene times well. 

Focusing on these points before addressing IG into business will be a great work for you. Even if you are associated with WP based ideas, things will turn out for the betterment now.

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