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If you are a person to whom allopathic medicines are not suitable and are searching for a natural treatment. You can take our services as My Florida Green is here to serve their qualified patients with the best. You can take information about how Medical Marijuana works and how it much chances are there that this will treat your disease for sure. We have an expert team of doctors who are working in different areas so that patients can easily get access to them. Whenever you need assistant you can go and show up to the local Medical Marijuana doctor. 

Marijuana doctorMedical Marijuana is not a newer drug which is used for treatment it is being used as medicine since 10,000 BC in China. It works in your body as a natural process of healing. The natural healing system of the human body is the Endocannabinoid system. It regulates homeostasis as well as the healing process by absorbing cannabinoids. Toxins, alcohol, chemicals and other toxic material can damage or deplete Endocannabinoid system which leads to illness. Medical Marijuana serves as the cannabinoid and when it enters into your body these can manage homeostasis and can reduce or even can eliminate the illness.

Many of the patients have tried this treatment and also are satisfied with Medical Marijuana. This treatment is safer enough as it does not have any side effects as well as no threats. In addition to no side effects, it also provides more relief and satisfaction to the patients. There are a lot of Medical Marijuana patients in the US who always take this treatment. It is easier enough to get as we have different dispensaries in different areas so that patients do not need to go away from the house for taking a medicine. Synthetic drugs are so much more dangerous and these should need to be rejected and patients should try this Medical Marijuana.

How To Register

We are providing our qualified patients with a registry in the form of a Medical Marijuana card which basically makes the patient and valuable member of our community. When you have this card you can simply go to any of the nearby dispensaries and can purchase your medicine. Registering to My Florida Green is the easiest process. You just need to register online in which you have to provide some necessary information. You can get a consultation of doctor after registration. Our experts are working efficiently for the provision of easy support.

Marijuana Medical doctor healthAfter registering you will receive a confirmation email after which you have to schedule your meeting with the doctor. You can take appointment from any of the nearby doctors. This helps you to deal with all of your important tasks easily on time. You can set your meeting with doctor according to your the timing and date of appointment are completely dependent on the patient’s choice. You will get an approval email from My Florida Green which usually takes about 2 weeks. For the acceleration of your approval further you need to login in the account that is made by My Florida Green. As we make a proper profile of every patient so that we can maintain the record of each and every patient easily.


We are the best and most renowned natural treatment providers in the market. We have a proper license which fulfills the legal demands and ensures security to the patients. Usually, patients hesitate from giving information about them because of security and confidentiality issues. We assure our patients that their medical or other personal information will never ever be shared with any other person. You can provide complete and honest detailed information about yourself so that we can provide you with the best suitable medicine. You can trust our services as each and every person working in our organization is highly professional. Your information will only be used for medical purposes so that doctors can assist you in a better way.

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Highly Reasonable Medicines

Medical Marijuana Card Melbourne provides you help to purchase medicines from any of the nearby dispensaries in Melbourne. We are the one who supplies the natural medicines in highly reasonable cost so that everyone can easily get access to them.  

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