Want To Get The Each Last Drop of Your Lip Gloss? Try This Super Easy Trick!

I am going to share how to take out the last part of gloss from a slight empty lip gloss tube.

When you clean your makeup pouch or even room dresser, you throw many empty lip gloss tubes, and containers into the trash box since it creates a lot of clutter in your drawers, and in your makeup pouches. The gloss which you’ve been using for years, is now useless for you… 

It isn’t necessary to keep all such things in trash box always without even giving them a second thought of how else they can be useful for you. I think the most common issue here comes is, how to use lip gloss when the remaining part is too down in the bottom, and is difficult to take out, right? So here, instead of giving pressure, and exerting one energy, people often prefer to throw them out – at least they find it something easier!

Well, you always to make sure to make your penny invested in every single drop you pour out while using branded lip glosses right? No worries, in this blog post, I am going to share how to take out the last part of gloss from a slight empty lip gloss tube.

How to take out the last part from a Lip Gloss Tube?

Aahhh, this empty lip gloss is too frustrating: and if it’s in a squeeze tube, then it’s not less than rocket science to get the last few drops out of packaging… However, you need the following things;

  • A sharp Knife
  • Hot water mug
  • Tiny container (just like a contact lens case)

Put your empty lip gloss tube standing upstanding in the cup of high temp water. (They ought to be fixed firmly so the H2O doesn’t taint the items.) After 10 minutes, the gleam on the sides of the cylinders ought to have settled to the base. 

Slowly expel the gloss out of the tube. To do this, take a blade to fly out the plug, which keeps the fluid from leaking out of the cylinder. At that point empty the rest of the shine into your little compartment. 

Truly, it’s actually that simple! This strategy is a gift for magnificence angels on a financial limit, but at the same time it’s incredible for constrained release item darlings, as well: you’ll at long last have the option to utilize the remainder of that valuable ended equation. 

I hope you find it useful, and enjoy reading the post!

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