List of 7 boarding schools around Mumbai

Boarding schools offer a number of benefits to the students. The decision to attend a boarding school is the basic step in what many consider a big decision.

Boarding schools offer a number of benefits to the students. The decision to attend a boarding school is the basic step in what many consider a big decision. The number of leaders and successful members of society began their journey at a boarding school like former presidents, actors, athletes, successful business people, and other politicians. By attending a boarding school, the advantages one gains with it help the students for a long time.

Why boarding school?
Vast number of activities, programs, and challenges available to students on a daily basis makes most of the boarding schools interesting. Boarding school offers other benefits, such as the opportunity for students to build good and intense connections with their faculties due to smaller and intimate class sizes. Another reason to attend boarding schools around Mumbai is independence. Independence is the greatest gift parents can give to their children.

Boarding school student is one who really wants to utilize this huge opportunity afforded to live and learn in a community where personal growth, learning and exploration are the top priorities, where programs are abundant, where making friends is limited, and where success is celebrated. Today so many parents are worried and vigilant and want to be involved in every aspect of their child's life. Parents aren’t there to protect them from natural causes and help them in every situation. Children are required to do work on their own, get up in the morning and, do their own laundry. Boarding schools are perfect places to fail and succeed which makes them great places to learn and makes the student stronger. It's a controlled freedom.

Advantages of boarding schools

• Self-reliance
Students of boarding school quickly learn how to perform many domestic activities and tasks and complete the school assignments by themselves in the given time.

• Alternative Activities
Boarding school students are offered a wider range of activities to widen and grow their learning. They may participate in sports and activities, such as football, cricket, etc or less conventional ones, such as Karate and flight training.

• Fewer Distractions
Boarding school students can focus better on their studies because video games, phones, television and other distracters are not allowed or are very limited.

• Cultural Diversity
Boarding school students live and attend their classes with people from mixed cultures. Therefore, they learn to appreciate and respect the differences in one another and live together peacefully.

• Fluency in another Language
Through language training sessions, students whose first language is not English often become fluent in English in two semesters.

So, here is the list of some good boarding schools near Mumbai which parents can choose and send their child for better future.

1. Shivneri School, Khanapur
2. Hasanat High School, Mumbai
3. Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, Mumbai
4. Singapore International School, Mumbai
5. Don Bosco High School, Mumbai
6. Kamla Mehta Dadar School, Mumbai
7. RIMS International boarding school and College, Mumbai

So, boarding School prepares the students perfectly for higher studies. Boarding school pass outs often end up attending the best universities. In addition, they arrive at college better prepared for academic goals because they learned how to be responsible and hard working at boarding School. Because they are encouraged to achieve their full potential at boarding school, Students are conditioned for future success.

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