LM2940 voltage regulator[video+FAQ]: Datasheet, circuit and Equivalent

This article provides you with a basic overview of the LM2940, including its pin descriptions, functions, specifications, alternative products, etc. to help you

LM2940 Pinout and Configurations


Name NDE KTT DCY NGN I/O Description
IN 1 1 1 3 I Unregulated input voltage
GND 2 2 2 2 Ground
OUT 3 3 3 5,6 0 Regulated output voltage.
GND 4 4 4 7 Ground
N/C 1,4,8 No connection

LM2940: Features

  • Dropout Voltage 0.385 V (Typ) at IO = 1A

  • Output Current in Excess of 1A

  • Output Voltage Trimmed Before Assembly

  • Reverse-Battery Protection

  • Internal Short-Circuit Current Limit

  • Mirror-Image Insertion Protection

  • Available in

    – Commercial Temperature (0°C to 125°C)

    – Extended Temperature (–40°C to 125°C)


  • Post Regulator for Switching Supplies

  • Logic Power Supplies

  • Industrial Instrumentation

LM2940 Equivalent

The equivalent for LM2940 is LM7805.

LM2940  Typical Application

LM2940  Block Diagram

LM2940 Package

LM2940 Manufacturer

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