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How Dental Implants Work With Your Existing Teeth?

Dental Teeth implants are in the fame nowadays. Experts believe that awareness should spread among people regarding their dental requirements and the importance of having good oral hygiene. Dental implants help to maintain your teeth and it is vital to get a long-term maintenance. An expert dentist always provides the treatment after relaxing his patients. Are you concerned about how dental implants work along with already existing teeth? If yes, then you can get benefit from this article. The purpose of writing this informative article is to clear your queries regarding dental implants and their procedure.

Tooth problem is increasing in all over the world. The statistics are increasing with every passing day. You may lose a tooth due to any issue such as gum disease, a traumatic event, failed root canal, or tooth decay. Poor nutrition can also be a cause of your tooth loss. You may face low confidence, down self-image and feel uncomfortable in front of others. So, it is necessary to get a treatment to reduce these issues. Furthermore, if you ignore the problem and don’t get a cure, it may cause shrinking to your jawbone and dislocation of other teeth.

In the olden times, people remained in the search for some ways that may provide them an accurate solution. Hence, with the advancements in technology the medical science have brought the process that has made it possible for you to replace your missing teeth. The method of dental implants is the solution to your problem of missing teeth. By getting is a procedure, you can get your beautiful smile back and chew with comfort. In addition to it, you don’t need to damage your appearance by losing your jaw bone. They serve as a long-term solution. Even they can last a lifetime if properly cared.

If you have one or multiple teeth loss then you may go for Dental Teeth implants. However, if you are considering this option then you need to know which implant is better for you and how they work with your existing teeth. Read on to know more!

What Are Dental Teeth Implants?

Teeth Implants

Dental implants refer to the surgical components that align with the bone of the skull or jaw so that a support is provided to the dental prosthesis. It can be a bridge, crown, facial prosthesis, denture, or orthodontic anchor.

Usually, they are made up of biocompatible material or titanium. These materials are accepted by the body and they serve as the strong foundation to replacement Dental Teeth. The natural bone catches the implant by attaching itself or fusing to the implant.

The place of missing teeth is filled with the dental implants procedure. Following are the three parts of this replacement. These replacements allow the existing teeth to work efficiently with the dental implants.

  • Crown – refers to the part of the implant that is just like a tooth. Usually, the ceramic material is used to make it. Also, its purpose is to design to provide a natural appearance.
  • Base – refers to the titanium screw that connects with the natural bone in order to provide a stable and safe base to new tooth.
  • Connector – refers to the connector that is also known as ‘abutment’ that reveals the meaning of a connector. It is utilized to protect the crown that is just like a tooth. Usually, its shape is just like octagonal or hexagonal.

What Does The Implant Process Involve?


Oral surgery is required to perform the procedure. Usually, the procedure is performed under the anesthesia so that you may not feel any kind of pain. A small hole is drilled into your jawbone and careful implantation is performed to make the base during the surgical procedure. After that, the implant is covered by the gum so that it may benefit in healing. Once the healing process is completed, the second surgical procedure is required to fit the connector and crown.

What Role Does Difference In Material Perform?

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Different materials are used to make the dental implants. However, the difference in the material may lead to the difference in tolerance level. Though, you should get the services of a trusted dentist so that you don’t need to be worried about the material, model, and other aspects. The least you should do is to find out the board-certified and reputable doctor in the market.

The popularity of dental implants is increasing with every passing day. The durability of the implants with your existing Dental Teeth is one of the basic reasons that make them popular. Don’t forget to check the record of your dentist if you are going to get dental implants to enhance your oral health. A thorough research is a key to success when it comes to your oral health. Good luck!

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