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Making School Transport Efficient And Convenient

Nexgenfalcon has gone through every aspect considering the problems kids are facing in their everyday life and what could be the rightful solution.

Dubai is a big city, and traveling takes time, so it is a challenge for kids to travel to school and come back without getting exhausted. Nexgenfalcon has gone through every aspect considering the problems kids are facing in their everyday life and what could be the rightful solution.  We have come up with School Bus Service embellished with all the features and required facilities.

User-Friendly Booking Process 

It is not necessary that every person out there is a tech geek. Though digitalization has reached to its best levels but still some parents find it difficult to look over the applications and transport related websites. So, to help both parents and the school authorities in using our School Bus Service, we have designed everything user-friendly. There are certain details that are required to be fulfilled considering the registration. After that, they are free to use our services with ease. 

Customer Support Available All Round The Clock 

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Kids need to be monitored all the time, and we hold ourselves accountable for that. It is the main reason, we make sure to stay reachable to our clients 24/7. If the customer finds themselves in any dilemma or looking for some clarity, our team will be there to help. Plus, the team can be reached to know the status and making the bookings as well. 

Boarding And De-Boarding 

We stay alert considering both boarding and de-boarding. During these times, we first send required notifications to the parents so, they can be on time to the bus stop. It also helps them in proper planning of the day and will not affect children with sudden rush too. While the student is stepping in the bus or coming down, one of our members will stay by their side. It is done out of safety, so the kids do not get involved in any kind of injury. 

Safety Is Prime

Truck Driving School

We cannot ignore that fact that kids are active, and in addition to this, it is evident to stay a step ahead looking over the safety matters. For this, we have made the required setting, or we can say the buses are properly equipped with every possible gadgets and requirement. The buses have CCTV camera so the authorities can have an eye on the kids all the time. GPS tracking is also listed in the bus to help the parents and authorities to stay updated about the route. Added to this, first aid kits, etc. are also kept and are timely updated too. 

Comfort At Its Best 

We have taken rightful steps to offer a good amount of comfort to the kids using our School Bus Service. First of all, every bus seat has the right structure of good quality. There is a seat belt attached to the seat as well to confer extra safety. Along with this, the seats are big in size, so there is no fight among the kids for space. We also have various options in a number of seats like 22, 24, 26 & 60. One can choose as per their needs. 

To know more about School Bus Service or to make bookings, connect with us.

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