Balcony Garden

Six Easy Steps to a Balcony Garden

Find out how to create private corners of nature at your home even if you lack of space, all it takes is some effort and creativity, while it is immensely rewarding.

Having a colorful and lavish garden is not only for those who own a house and big backyard. Assuming there is enough natural light, any space, regardless of size, can be used for growing plants. Balcony gardening has become quite popular since many people tend to move into apartments instead of houses. Living in an urban area does not have to limit our access to nature, nor should we deprive ourselves of beauty and serenity of a lovely garden.  If you’ve been planning to turn your dull balcony into a place of nature and calmness, here are a few useful tips on how to start your balcony garden.

Cover basics

Cover basics home

Although balcony garden may seem like a simple thing to do, it goes beyond placing a few pots of annuals and perennials here and there. First of all, consider the direction of your balcony and amount of sunlight that plants will get during the day.  Sheltered balconies receive less sunlight and rain doesn’t reach the plants. Second, if you rent the place, make sure to have permission to make changes as well as to check weight bearing maximum for your balcony.

Make a plan

Envision your garden and work on ideas to use your space in the best way possible. Figure out the purpose of your balcony garden, whether it is a flower or veggie garden, or simply the place where you can sit back and relax. Think of ways to maximize your space and to reduce maintenance to a minimum, so that you can enjoy spending most of the time on your balcony without having to tend to it.

Do some balcony landscaping

Just like any other garden, your balcony needs a bit of planning and landscaping. Decide on whether you should go with annuals or perennials, as well as what colors you wish to see in your balcony garden. Having a mix is always a good idea since it will make your balcony look nice even in cold winter months.  Make sure to check with your local nursery on which plants will grow well in your climate.

Pots and soil

Aside from the appearance, your pots should provide proper drainage for plants so make sure to use ones with holes. Also, keep in mind the size and weight of containers, given that balconies have limited structure load.  Consider vertical gardening since it is a garden design that can save you a lot of space, while it will look fabulous. Stick with a recommended potting soil for each plant and notice how they thrive.


Same as with any garden, your balcony plants will require some maintenance.  Given that soil in pots retains less moist than ground, potted plants need regular watering. However, hot weather and dry conditions on your balcony can make watering a bit challenging, so take advice from professionals in Hoselink and install a mini-sprinkler system that will keep your plants alive during hot months. Also, mulching will reduce water evaporation, while pruning will keep your plants in good shape.


Set up a balcony garden where you can rest and enjoy just being there. Make it cozy and pleasant with some small and comfortable furniture. Feel free to accessorize, only make sure not to clutter the space with excessive details. Keep in mind that colorful plants are decorative enough, especially if you have a small balcony. Search the Internet to boost your creativity and to pick some fabulous decorating ideas, but make sure to maintain balance and to keep plants and decor in tasteful proportion.


Despite the lack of space, more and more people are creating their private corners of nature where they can enjoy the benefits of vivid colors and lovely scents. Having your private sanctuary and place of calmness in the middle of this concrete world takes a minimal effort and some creativity, while it is immensely rewarding.

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