Ways to Sell a Smartphone for the Best Possible Price

Selling a smartphone online is not an easy task. However, there are many other ways to sell the smartphone online at best price at websites like Togofogo.

Needless to say, the existing smartphone market is on the rise, a courtesy newer set of innovations and the addition of exceptional feature sets. However, things are changing almost alarmingly for users as a majority of them are constantly on the lookout for older and refurbished devices for getting the job done. However, while there is a select customer base for pre-owned devices, there has to be a specific set of individuals who actually sell used mobile phones; thereby making sense for the buyers in general. That said, it is important to note that people are now persisting longer with a new smartphone and but there are still quite a few saleable options for individuals to work with.

In the subsequent sections, we shall discuss the more credible ways to sell old mobile phone online and even offline for best possible price points without compromising on the sanctity of the process. What needs to be seen is that it’s important to prepare devices beforehand in order to get most out of them. An old mobile phone for sale won’t automatically fetch a higher price point and the seller must put certain techniques to use in order to get the same.

Which Gadget to Sell?

Smartphone Gadget

Firstly, it is important to zero in on the preferred gadget that needs to be sold out. The choice of device is important when it comes to getting the most out of one, in terms of resale value. The trick here is to even understand when to let go of a gadget, in order to maximize the overall resale price range.

Arrange for Accessories and even the Box

Having the accessories in place, along with the box plays a pivotal role in deciding the fate of the device, precisely in terms of the resale price point. What’s interesting to note is that gadgets which have all or rather most of the accessories in place, automatically fetch higher figures in terms of resale value.

Evaluate the Worth

Android Smartphones

It is very important to pre-empt the worth of the smartphone before moving ahead with the process. It goes without saying that a device in perfect condition with all the accessories intact will fetch a higher price. Moreover, the model number and year of purchase also play a major role in deciding the price points.

Decide the Platform

Getting the right price for a pre-owned device has a lot to do with the existing platform over which the device is getting sold. Firstly, it is important to note that the best prices are procured if the gadget is sold via offline interfaces. However, platforms concerning meeting individuals in person can be a pretty risky proposition. While gadget trade-ins are comparatively safer, they usually offer lower resale values. There are a host of online startups which offer reliable interfaces for sellers, helping them sell off pre-owned and refurbished devices with a hint of credibility. Apart from that, the gadgets can also be sold back to the smartphone companies in exchange for newer models but the equivalent price points are certainly on the lower side. Online interfaces offer customized quotations to the sellers by evaluating a host of factors, including device conditions, availability of accessories, and more.

Locked vs. Unlocked Devices

Unlocked Smartphone

Devices purchased from different countries often come as carrier locked variants which offer relatively lower prices as compared to the unlocked variants. There are network providers which offer devices at discounted rates provided the concerned smartphones are carrier locked. However, it becomes exceedingly difficult to sell off these gadgets, regardless of the brand name. The unlocked phones, which are capable of supporting multiple carriers, are certainly worth higher resale values.

Clean up or Fix the Device

Tips On Cell Phones

Nobody wants to purchase a device that’s unclean. Therefore, besides arranging for the accessories it is also important to clean up the device, precisely by servicing it via authorized or third-party vendors. There are times when additional touchups are required, mainly for fixing the flawed aspects of a device. With the concept of refurbished smartphones gaining a lot of popularity, it is important that even sellers start paying attention to the buyer requirements and fix all the major and minor problems associated with the gadget. Another approach would be to wipe the smartphone clean from the inside, specifically by erasing all the data. However, from the seller’s point of view, it is important to take a backup of all the important information before hitting the reset button.

Additional Freebies Help

It is quite possible that a seller who is looking to let go of a pre-owned device is in the possession of a few additional accessories. While this might include an extra pair of earphones or an additional case, anything and everything can help increase the resale value of the concerned device.

These are some of the aspects which need to be adhered to by the seller if he or she is looking to get a good deal on the existing mobile phone. While offline channels often fetch higher prices as compared to certain websites, for someone who is looking to sell old mobile online, startups like Togofogo and BUZZMEEH are the best possible options.

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