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Double Your Traffic With Multiple Sharing Of Content To Make The Most Out Of Social Media

Double Your Traffic With Multiple Sharing Of Content To Make The Most Out Of Social Media

It is a common trend now for many businesses to publish content in the social media in addition to their immaculately designed websites to get more traffic and a potential increase in the rate of conversion. Using the different social media channels has proved to be most effective and result oriented way to reach out to more and more audiences far and wide and to build up their traffic to their websites. 

However, there is no reason to believe that simply posting contents in the social media will bring you the desired results and traffic. If you want to get everything that these channels have on offer, then you will have to focus on each piece of content that you create. You have to keep in mind that it must be appealing as well as informative to drive as much traffic as possible. 

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One great way to drive as much traffic to social media as possible is to share your content on this platform more than once. It sounds pretty simple, but there is a lot more to it. 

The process and gains

To make sure that you share your content on the social media perfectly you will need to follow a specific process. 

  • Immediately after you publish a new blog post, you will need to promote the post on social media. 
  • You will need to share it with each network and garner a specific number of clicks each time you share the post.
  • You have to carefully hypothesize about your post that you have sent either to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+ immediately after your post goes live. 

All these processes will provide you with a great return, much as you desire and expect it to.

Now, if you share a link to that post for a second time the following day, you will have to know and follow the law of diminishing returns in economics. It is unwise to expect double traffic instantly as that is not going to happen for sure during the second round.

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However, if you share the content once again for a third time the combined traffic for the second and third sets of shares will be more than double. 

More the better

For the sake of argument, you can say that these are all simple hypothetical examples and calculations that may not provide guaranteed results. Of course, you are true but partially. The fact that the more you share more is the return clicks stays firm with all examples. 

You may, however, ask a different question which is whether this type of practice of sharing contents more than once is really ok and will it not have a monotonous effect on your Instagram followers. 

If you share your content multiple times on social media, it will surely trigger strong reactions among the followers for Instagram. It is for this reason most people do not think about sharing the same content more than once on their social account. However, it is seen in most of the times it is very hard to argue with the results. 

Based on the reality

The concept of sharing a post or your content multiple times on social media to increase your traffic is wholly based on practicality. 

  • In fact, this is the most effective and useful way to promote your blog content on social media. If you think about how many complaints you are going to receive from such a practice, then the answer is ‘Zero.’
  • Another thing is that in reality no one even notices or really cares about the number of times contents are shared on the social media. Even if a few smart followers do, there is nothing worse that can happen. 

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  • The most significant aspect of marketing and often the most forgotten aspect is that no one notices everything that you do. None of the social media followers is like RSS subscribers who will see and read each post. 

In fact and in the end, it can be said that sharing your content more than once is probably an indispensable part of marketing that will provide your audience with the value that you promised to them. If you do not share your links a couple of times, the chances are that none of your updates will ever be seen by your followers. 

Do not be a spammer

However, when you share your contents multiple times, you will have to keep it in mind that there is a difference between strategic marketing to gain more traffic and being a spammer. If you share your contents a pretty too much and quite often, it will look like spam and will be overlooked or ignored by your followers. 

Therefore, do not take the shortcut to install a specific plugin to share your old blog posts randomly once every single hour. It will be too much to handle for your followers. 

Though this strategy may sometimes result in additional clicks, it will be for a short time and short lived. You have to think of practices that will provide you with better results in the long term and also for a long time. It is then people will not ignore your tweets and will follow you completely. 

Ground rules to follow

There are a few ground rules to follow if you really want to get better results by sharing your content more than once. These are:

  • Taking your followers into consideration 
  • Making your social feed for them and not for you
  • Creating a smart schedule instead of a crowded one 
  • Considering your habits
  • Knowing and not crossing the “seam line.”
  • Not doing anything that you will not like 
  • Not following the identical strategy of others and 
  • Providing value to the audience always. 

Make it acceptable, fresh and sharable and know about the preferred time to put between each message. Once you follow these simple rules, you will be able to develop a unique social advertising schedule for your content and literally double your traffic.

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