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How to Create an SEO Strategy for 2020

Are you striving to get to the first page of Google? Working relentlessly to rank and maintain your rank on Google’s first page? In this context, we have discussed the top SEO strategy for 2020 that will assist you to get your business to the first page on Google.

If you want to rank your business and outrank your competitors, create an SEO strategy plan. Below five are the major strategies you need to plan out and focus in 2020.

  • Proper keyword research
  • Focus on-site optimization
  • Audit
  • SEO-Meta Tags
  • Understand your customer needs
  • Site 

Work on keyword selection:

For the successful SO, you need to play with the right keywords. Thus, while planning for an Effective SEO Strategy, keep the right keywords as your priority. The wrong selection of keywords can have a negative impact on your SEO. 

Working on the long-tail keywords, broad match, short tail keywords, and so on, must be an important element if your SEO strategy planning. Choose keywords that are related and relevant to your business. 

Page speed optimization:

Focus on your website load time. If your website doesn’t load quickly, this will affect site dwell time. Based on research, users are happy with the fast-loading website. Slow load websites influence the site to dwell time and thus has a negative impact on SEO.

Properly scan your website with the page speed tool to know and improve its loading time. If it scored 100, then it’s good, if scores less than 100, follow these ways to improve the page load time:

  • Host your site on a fast server.
  • Optimize your images’ size.
  • Save your media in the right format.
  • Use fewer elements
  • Leverage browser caching.
  • Host your site on a CDN.
  • Merge elements.
  • Compress images.
  • Use gzip compression.

Technical Audit:

Errors are common, no matter how many times you fix them. Search engine crawlers won’t be appreciative if you don’t focus on improving site experience. Would you let errors damage your website day by day? Also, users will not love to visit your website. 

The palace where you get your viewers and customers must be kept clean. So audit your website often to find and fix the errors.

The most common errors that could affect user-experience:

  • Broken links
  • Broken images
  • Broken redirects
  • Dead-end pages
  • Schema markup errors
  • Crawling issues
  • Server errors
  • Missing meta tags
  • Orphaned pages

SEO Meta Tags

SEO meta tags live on the webpage of your website. Meta tags provide detailed information about your site page to the big search engines and are extremely significant to SEO.

 Below are some common and major SEO meta tags: 

  • Title tag
  • Viewport tag
  • Meta content-type tag
  • Social meta tags
  • Meta description tag
  • Canonical tag

Listen to your customers 

Know what your customers are asking for? What are their needs?. Your company is already fulfilling its demands, right? 

Understand their prospect needs, create a list. It is the most crucial step. Just not only focus on improving SEO rankings if you don’t know what your customers and prospects are looking for. Understand their needs then share this information to your site. Talk about the services and products that stand out your business in an easy way.

Quick trick: To know what are the popular and relevant search terms among customers, type your keyword on Google, and it will display you a list of similar searches. You can use these related terms in your content and blogs.

 Site ranking will not improve overnight, so patiently implement these best SEO strategy for 2020 to get a result. If You can not do it on your own, hire the Best SEO Company in Bangalore to leave all SEO ranking tasks on them. SEO companies have experts who know how to plan and implement the best SEO practices to improve website ranking in SERPs.

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