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4 Points To Ponder Before Hiring A Content Marketing Agency In The USA

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According to the international ease of doing business index, the USA will rise to 6th spot in the year 2020. Moreover, its GDP is also likely to reach $22.32 trillion in the same year, making it the largest economy in the world. A title that the USA is proudly holding for a long time. The growth of existing businesses, along with the rise of successful start-ups, are contributing heavily to this economic development.  

At the same time, the rapid progress of internet usage has forced companies to take note of it and attempts to capture this vast market has been made. Digital marketing, along with content writing company in the USA, have a significant role to play in these attempts. According to Bain & Company, authentic and purposeful content can help companies into a 5% increase in customer retention. This increase ultimately leads to a rise in profit of up to 25% to 95%.

Why is content marketing important?

CMI or Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 annual research has presented some fascinating facts forward. This report stated that 69% of B2C marketers and 64% of B2B marketers are in the process of increasing their content marketing efforts. Marketers are in the market for authentic and exclusive content. Therefore the need for engaging content that can not only retain customers but also bring new ones is on the rise. Thus, the requirement content writing services in USA are also on the rise.

Moreover, the recent State of Inbound Report has also presented the growth of content marketing. According to their report, 53% of the businesses are prioritising content marketing, and they are allocating almost 29% of their marketing budget for this purpose.

Therefore the need for a potent content writing agency in USA is on the rise. Content writing companies that can deliver such high-quality and engaging content to enhance their client’s online presence and their revenue are becoming popular. 

Points to ponder before hiring content writing agencies

Existing clients

It is vital to evaluate the existing client base of any copywriting services before availing their services. It will give you a clear idea of their area of work, their versatility and the kind of project they can deliver.

Team strength

Leading content writing services in USA have the most elegant and proficient team of writers. Such a team of writers are well-drilled to fulfil a client’s requirement. They are aware of latest SEO trends, and they can produce content that will improve your SERP.

Pricing policy

It is imperative to assess the pricing policy of content writing companies in USA before hiring one. This will ensure that you are receiving premium services at affordable prices.

Customer feedback

Assess the customer feedback and reviews of content writing services in the USA before doing business with them. You can refer to various online review websites or talk to their existing clients for this purpose.

Furthermore, McKinsey & Company’s recent findings have also pointed towards the need for content marketing in current scenarios. Their report has mentioned how engaging and purposeful content such as voice search optimized content, can positively affect a company’s revenues.

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