Black Friday Online Security

Is Black Friday Worth it without child online security?

Online security of children is so much demanded and has its significance to counter online threats and nightmares youth is facing these days.

The adoption of technology in terms of mobile phones and tablets has changed the course of our lives. Today, everyone has digital cell phones, internet access, and digital citizenship and in this situation, young teens and kids are second to none.

Therefore, contemporary mobile devices having internet access are supposed to pied piper for children.

The digital devices smartphones and tablets are in particular have made kids and teens obsessed with the virtual world where they love to spend time without keeping eyes on the clock.

The tech-based pied piper happens to be far more dangerous than the Hamelin because the original one has hypnotized kids and take away from the town.

When it comes to cellphone kids and teens are willingly have got obsession and further get involved in certain activities that could lead children to potential threats online. 

According To Kaspersky Lab: Main Findings 

  • Almost 44% of the children between ages 8 to 16 stay online all the time, due to social media apps and browsing activities.
  • Almost half of teenage kids and teens feel incomplete without phones and 73% between ages 14 to 16 fall sleep with their smartphones and 4 out of 10 children keep the mobile devices at mealtime. 
  • Almost 40% of youngsters, tweens and children, in particular, unveil their privacy, on social media in terms of name, address, contacts, and multimedia. 
  • 1 out of 3 kids don’t tell the truth about their age and 20% of between 11 to 13 and 14 to 16 pretends as older on social media profiles.
  • Almost 40% of kids get encounter with the online dangers, such as cyber predators, x –rated content, cyberbullying and stalkers 
  • Young users that have admitted being online all the time are more than 47% 

Sings, Indicators & Effects Of Cellphone (Pied Piper) On Kids 

When your children always remain busy on their cellphone screens, look sleepy all the time and you have seen behavioral changes in their personality.

It means they are highly obsessed with digital smartphones and they spend most of the time on their devices connected to the internet. When children make long cell phones call, keep pressing mobile device keypad, capture selfies, create stories and then share on social media.

These are sings of mobile addiction among kids and teens these days that make this technology far more dangerous pied piper than the original one. 

Furthermore, when it comes to the after-effects on children due to cellphone addiction young teenagers got depression, anxiety, and stress.

It will change their entire living pattern and only loves to stay online and forget about real-life activities and charms. Additionally, children could have been involved in cyberbullying, bullied online, an encounter with stalkers, sexual predators and last but not least starts harboring sexual fantasies on their cell phones.

That’s why parents have to take care of the children and they should not forget about the children’s online safety.

Make Worth It Of Black Friday & Cyber Monday Getting Online Safety Of Children

Rather than just focusing on clothes and other necessities of life parents should make sure kid’s online safety twelve months in a year, thirty days a month, seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day.

You can monitor your kids online and get to know what they are doing online, to whom they are talking, what they are sharing and encounter using cellphones, internet, and social media.

With respect to the holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can get a handsome and shocking 90% discount offer of a mobile phone spy app.

Get 90% and 50% discount to set parental monitoring on your kids to stay updated on what they are doing online. You can simply prevent kids and teens from the cellphone obsession to the fullest if you have installed mobile spy software on kid’s mobile devices.

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