Should You Consider a Facelift for Facial Asymmetry?

For centuries, facial symmetry stands as a sign of beauty when compared to an asymmetrical face. Since your face is one of the first things that people will notice when they see you, symmetry is a defining quality of beauty. It puts your best face forward and remains a good way to ensure that you make a positive and lasting first impression. Note that asymmetry refers to when two halves of your face appear different from each other. However, the degree of difference is something that varies between people, but facial asymmetry to some degree is common. When people have an asymmetrical face, they want it to be more symmetrical.

Of course, this depends on taste and preference, with several people finding that having an asymmetrical face is a better and appealing choice. Having minor asymmetries is quite common, and every person has some asymmetry. However, some people don’t find this appealing and consider a facelift in Atlanta in the hope of correcting major issues in facial asymmetry.

Keep in mind that if you have concerns with facial asymmetry, you should know there are different treatments and procedures that can help to improve your overall facial asymmetry and bring out the best of your facial features.

The Causes of Facial Asymmetry

You should know there are many possible causes when it comes to facial asymmetry. Some of the common reasons include:

  • Genetics
  • Stroke
  • Trauma, which alters the facial feature or breaks the nose
  • Stressors during the time of physical development

However, board-certified surgeons such as those at Crispin Plastic Surgery explain, “Facial asymmetry often is multifactorial.”

It relates to a combination of facial length differences, muscular size, underlying skeletal shape, and volume. Most cases of asymmetry often don’t really have a cause. As we grow, small asymmetries could develop. Having an uneven jaw could be a genetic problem, it could even be too large or small, but a cause of injuries during the stage of development in childhood, for example, a broken jaw.

Sometimes, other conditions like having a cleft palate or lip could lead to asymmetries. There are serious deformities, which could lead to problems like jaw joint problems, problems when eating, and difficulties in speech.

Genetic Facial Asymmetry

Not every person has a completely symmetrical face. Anything from uneven eyelids, bumpy nose, to crooked smiles could affect the overall appearance of faces. Although a facelift, surgery will not actually resolve these issues; the use of some injectable filler offers a liquid nose job for a nose that has an even shape. Note that lip augmentation and an eyelid surgery could also even out lower and upper features of your face.

Aging and Asymmetry

Aging is something that could have several unwanted effects on your appearance. As far as facial symmetry goes, wrinkles, loss of volume, and sagging can occur at once. While most people will think that the benefits of a facelift procedure work to tighten the wrinkled skin, this rejuvenating surgery also tightens the facial muscles, reallocates fat to give you symmetry and a more youthful appearance.

Facial Surgery for Asymmetry

If the facial asymmetry is severe, with skeletal noticeable differences between the left and right sides of the face, facial fillers could result in a doughier appearance.  In such cases, some surgeons also recommend the use of facial implants, which help to balance out their face.

A facelift procedure will not improve the asymmetry drastically, or create “perfect” results; using different sized implants in the cheek or in the case of a mid-face imbalance will help to create better results. Sometimes, surgeons will also perform a forehead lift or brow lift to bring it in line with the side that appears asymmetrical.

However, in some cases, neither a facelift nor minimally invasive treatments affect the asymmetry. Note that aging of the soft tissues of the face will make the implants appear out of place.

Other Treatment Options

While opting for a facelift in Atlanta can also perform wonders to revitalize and improve your facial appearance, this procedure may not be the end to all your facial symmetry problems. If you have concerns regarding your uneven facial appearance, it is advisable that you consult a board-certified surgeon about all the possible options you have regarding the asymmetry. You should discuss all the nonsurgical and surgical options that you have. How effective they will be and will you need to combine other procedures like an eyelid surgery for the best results?

Note that in the end, the decision on whether or not to consider a facelift all depends on you. You need to know for sure whether this will benefit your asymmetrical features or not. Take your time to conduct a thorough research on all the possible options available and make the choice accordingly.

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