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Top 4 Gaffes of Sonam kapoor in Traditional Saree

Traditional saree, one of the safest outfit in which lady’s fashion game can’t go wrong, sometimes to do something out of the box, Sonam Kapoor did experiment with sarees styles and put her into an embarrassing situation. Besides her acting art, the lively celebrity is famous for her fashion undergo. She is courageous enough for experimenting with Indian and western outfits and her dressing awareness portray her bold persona. Sonam Kapoor’s style type is about accepting fashion consequences and justifying it by extreme dedication. She most elegantly accounts her components maintaining them easy using a heavy saree or blouse. At many times, she chooses to hold a bedazzled clutch to coincide with her outfit but Sonam can’t be so perfect all the time. She also made mistake while implementing tricky sari blouse designs at few public events so let’s look at the top 4 Moments of Sonam Kapoor where she failed to generate the finest glance in Saree.

Unusual style in white Saree

style white Saree

Can anyone explain? Is this a saree without blouse or gown or something else? Only Sonam knows, maybe she will give the new name to this outfit in future, anyway, by looking at an image, we can assume that this is off-white Saree which has designed with dark red colored border and she forgot to counterpart the blouse.  She could wear a red colored blouse for excellent get up but don’t know why she made such a silly mistake.

  1. Glossy saree without Blouse Sonam Kapoor

style white Saree fashion

In 69th cannas festival, Sonam was seen in this contemporary sari. The sari was created out of molten cables. This really is an edgy sari so she retained the look simple which makes the sari the highlight of her look. And the way she draped it confused all onlookers.  As per the fashion expert, this is the renewed avatar of saree but we disagree with that because Sarees original form can’t be transformed into any other version. Can anyone spot something trendy? If yes then tell us what is so unique about this saree that impress you?

  1. Cotton Saree paired with shoes and awkward blouse

style white Saree fashion

At the event of the Kashish movie Festival, Sonam functioned a hand-woven khadi been out of Anavila Misra. Pairing it together with boots she churns all saree cliches. This saree matches better on her compared to the above two styles, the way she draped this saree is tricky, but the unusual blouse and man shoe spoiled the entire glaze. In traditional fashion, she experimented a lot and we salute her fashion sense, but in doing something extra, she is in the fashion news for the wrong reason.

  1. Mismatched colors in the design

style white Saree fashion

Manish Mehta is the real trendsetter for not only the  Bollywood actress but also for common girls in India Manish’s costumes connect so well with Indian actresses and the way he invents color contrast in ethnic dresses is truly remarkable. He creates couture that is profuse but presents Bollywood actresses exactly what they may not have envisioned and also exactly what they need. You know that Manish Malhotra has been setting the style trend from more than 20 years and all the leading actresses accept her designer clothes without any doubt because the top actresses do trust on Manish blindly because of his past achievements. Manish has never failed in pulling out best appearance on many ramp shows because of his modern thinking and extraordinary vision.

Manish Malhotra is always on point in sari’s fashion game, but the top designer also failed in matching a suitable color. Here Manish Malhotra’s Designer Saree & blouse looked wacky on Sonam Kapoor as the multi-colored combination of sari and blouse went utterly against her, and she was criticized by fashion polish of B town. We all know that Sonam looks so gorgeous in both Indian & western wears as she has got the perfect body figure but even if you possess everything still your fashion fails because of the lousy style choices you do.


Contrast color combination is the one element that can simply pull out the best look if you do it in a right way so deciding to mismatch your dresses can be just actually a huge approach in order to bring personality and pleasure day. Mixing hues may pose challenges, so, therefore, be certain to be in possession of a good concept of everything you would like and convey it for a decoration! It may be extended with a discoloration.

Sonam Kapoor is the worldwide fashion diva loved because of the personality that is explicit.  She is not like any other actress who prefers to wear a gown in an International film festival, Sonam Kapoor first choice is traditional Indian sarees, and we should feel proud about that, and we hope that she will not commit such fashion blunder that produces an error in her overall appearance in sarees selection. Tell us what your views about this article in the comment section.

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