Bomkai Saree

The History of Bomkai Saree

Bomkai saree a beautiful and elegant attire that has some extra values in Indian tradition.

Most of the women prefer to wear sarees. It is beautiful and traditional attire that has some extra values. If it is compared then it will be noticed that women wearing traditional garments like saree or suits will always carry a great value than a woman who puts western outfits. However, there are some sarees like Bomkai, Jamdani, Dhakai that will never lose its beauty and will always be appreciated. Most of this type of sarees comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. The colors are mostly bright. It is mainly based on silk texture. In fact, each state has its own traditional sarees that have some special features. Due to its demand, some of the sarees are also sent to other countries of the world.

Origin of Bomkai

It would really be interesting to know about the origin of Bomkai sarees. It is basically a handloom saree that is originally found in the Ganjam District of Orissa. It is mainly produced by a community named as Bhulia in Subarnapur District.

However, the most beautiful portion of the saree is that it has good embroidered work. This saree has a fixed color background of red, black and white. The ruler of Patna named as Ramai Dev introduced this saree in Sonepur.  Since then it has gained huge fame and popularity among all sections of people.

It has also received good recognition in other foreign countries at the same time. As the saree usually have heavy embroidery works, it is mostly worn during festive or special occasions. The lower border of the saree is mostly of red or maroon color. This saree is also counted among some designer sarees of Orissa. Each of the border designs is quite different from the others. There are many online sites and boutiques that keep a huge collection of Bomkai sarees. One such is Stylecaret.

Origin of Bomkai Saree

Other features of Bomkai Saree

  • Bomkai is also known by a name known as Sonepuri. The saree is weaved in a special way by an extra weft technique. The borders of the saree are weaved by maintaining good contrast and the Pallu has some extensive thread work.
  • The aristocrat saree termed as Bomkai is found both in silk and cotton base.
  • Bomkai is mainly weaved in the southern coastal region of Orissa and maximum people of this region are engaged in this profession. Each of the fabrics is simply awesome.
  • The saree has its existence since 600B.C. It is said that Bomkai is the outcome of Ikkat. In the ancient time, this saree was mainly worn by the Brahmins during special occasions. But now the superstition has been erased and the saree can be worn by anyone.
  • Most of the colors are very bright and the borders are made in contrast with the base of the saree. This saree is also included among the most favorite saree list. The village in which all the people are engaged in producing Bomkai sarees is named as Bomkai village. It really sounds amazing to hear this name.

Origin of Bomkai Saree

Interesting facts about Bomkai Saree:

There are some very interesting and lucrative facts about Bomkai saree. Many Kathhak dancers all over the world, mostly prefer to wear Bomkai sarees during their performance. It is said that they are very easy to wear and can be handled without any trouble.

  • They can be easily folded. The colors are very bright and so they are perfect for any type of performance. Apart from this, many celebrities have also included Bomkai sarees in their wardrobe.
  • Moreover, in the fashion industry, there have been recent amendments in the designs of Bomkai saree. The designers are including moti and zari works on the saree to make it more attractive.

Interesting Bomkai Saree

Accessories Matching with Bomkai Sarees

  • When anybody is wearing such a beautiful saree it is very vital to include some gorgeous and stunning jewelry or accessories. For example, any type of heavy jewelry goes well with this saree.
  • If you wish then you can also put pure gold ornaments with this saree. It would really be a perfect combination. As it is a traditional saree so any type of traditional or ethnic jewelry is perfect. This saree is quite famous among all ages of women. In fact, Stylecaret keeps a good stock of Bomkai sarees.

Accessories Bomkai Sarees

Other Significance and Importance of Bomkai Sarees

It has been observed that after the 1980s, there were some changes in the design and texture of Bomkai saree. The technicians started using modern techniques to weave this type of sarees. They mainly used advanced machines to weave Bomkai saree and it hardly took less time to produce a saree.

Both weft and warp are used to products Bomkai sarees. The dyes depend upon the demand of the customers. The process of warp is used on the border portion of the saree and the weft is used on the anchals and pallu portion. It gives a very amazing experience to watch the process of manufacturing a whole Bomkai saree.

Previously, technicians used their hands to weave the borders and anchals but with the introduction of the machines and advanced tools, all these weavings were made through it.

Bomkai Sarees

Complete Overview on Bomkai Saree:

Ever since its birth Bomakai or Sonepuri Saree was prevalent among the Brahmins and aristocrat families of the Ganjam District. Slowly it started to spread among other sections of people. During the ancient period, this saree was also common among the local Maharajas of Orissa.

As times passed there was the emergence of various types of fashionable and stylish Boutiques. They introduced this saree among all the people. Even the foreigners started appreciating and favoring the embroidery works on the saree.

It has been seen that about 60% of the sarees are sent to other countries of the world. A beautiful Bomkai saree with a matching and stylish blouse or top will be a perfect one for any special occasion. Wedding seasons are totally incomplete without a Bomkai saree.

As a whole Bomkai saree is not only considered as an aristocr attire but also have a marvelous look. A person wearing a Bomkai saree can easily be distinguished from a huge crowd. Moreover, you will get a good stock of Bomkai sarees along with matching accessories at Stylecaret.

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