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10 Tips for Landing your Dream Job in 2019

Job search the Philippines is stressful for fresh graduates as well as seasoned employees. To make the process simple and enjoyable here are some job search tips.

Searching for a new job can be stressful, no matter whether you are a fresh graduate or a veteran employee. While there is no dearth in the vacancies but finding Mr Right is not an easy task. For the job search Philippines, all you need is strategic planning and some guidance. The job search tips given below will assist you in the job search Philippines.

1. Focus on your Skills – People generally are attracted to the job titles and apply for the ones that match perfectly to their career goals. But instead, you must focus on your skills and should apply for the jobs that best match your skill sets and experiences. Also, the job titles keep on constantly changing, so focusing on the required skills of the position is always favorable. 

2. Narrow The Job Search – Narrow down your job search for the best job options rather than applying for every available opening. Apply for the jobs that are best suited to your skill sets and career goals. To go a step further in finding the perfect job for you may narrow your search according to the preferred job location, salary expectations, type of jobs and so on. 

Job Search

A little background search of the company should be done. You should also see if there is someone in your network connected to the company and can share their perspective and experiences about working there. 

3. Make the Most of Online Resources and Company Websites – Because of the Internet, looking for a job has become more easy and convenient. Gone are the days when searching for a job advert was only through the newspaper or through some friends. Today the companies use their website to post the job vacancies. Also, the numerous online job portals help you with the job listings from across different industries. All you need to do is to make most of these online resources and search the best position for you. 

4. Save The Best Job Post For Future Reference – After submitting your application for a job post, you should save the job post for future reference and interview preparations. When you require checking the job profile or the qualifications to prepare for the interview the saved job post will come handy. 

5. Customize Your Resume – Always customize your resume according to the job position you are applying for, even if you are looking for jobs in the same industry. A customize resume creates a thumping first impression giving you a competitive edge over other job aspirants. 

Customize Resume

6. Creative Cover Letters – While writing a cover letter, keep in mind that it should not be a copy of your resume. Remember the cover letter is your last chance to impress the employer. Include in it more information about you, your skills, and experience and explain to the hiring manager why you are the best for the said job.  If a job doesn’t specifically require a cover letter, still sending one is not harmful and it could well be the determining factor that sets you apart from the many job applications.

7. Video Resumes – Video resumes sets you apart from the competition and grab the attention of the employer. A video resume is a short video describing you. It mostly serves as the first round of interview rather than just a job application. So if you are desperately looking for a job video resume certainly becomes a must. 

Video Resumes

8. Interview Preparation – Prepare well for the interview. The interview preparation has three aspects to it: 

A: Research about the Company – Before your interview research about the company and study their goals and mission. You should formulate your answers around their mission.  

B: Common Interview Questions – Practice answering the common interview questions before going for the interview. This will help to increase your confidence on the D-day. 

C: Best Foot forward – Your dressing and appearance, impact your interview greatly. So keep ready your best professional outfit beforehand.  

9. Ask Questions – While you are preparing for your answers to the interview questions, you should also prepare questions to be asked to the interviewer. Yes, you should ask questions to the interviewer about any information you want to know about the company or the job profile. This shows your interest in the job and can earn you the brownie points. 

 JOB Questions

10. Send a Thank you Note – With so many qualified individuals applying for the same position, you need to do some things to stand out. One of the best way to appreciate the interviewer and help him remember you and is to send a Thank you note. You should always send a follow-up note thanking the interviewer for giving his time to meet you. This note can be via the email but make sure that there are no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, otherwise, the note will be a disaster. 

These are few tips for landing your dream job in 2019. 

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