Technology meets healthcare in the new era of online health platforms.

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An online Healthcare Platform is defined as the combination of applications and technologies that provides a customized, end-to-end Healthcare solution. An "e-health platform is the hardware and operating system on which software applications can be run to provide digital data—transmitted, stored, and retrieved electronically—for clinical, educational, and administrative purposes, both at the local site and distance," according to another source [Mitchell]. According to the source, "e-health" is "a field at the crossroads of medical informatics, public health, and business, referring to health services and information delivered or enhanced via the Internet and related technologies." [Eysenbach]. In contrast, a platform is "a collection of technologies used as a foundation for the development of other applications, procedures, or technologies." A platform in personal computing is the fundamental computer and operating system on which software applications can be run.

It is, in essence, a collaboration between three ideas. The operating system is useless without the corresponding hardware and users, and vice versa, much like a car engine without tires or a driver. Many nations that have realized the countless positive possibilities that modern medical technology can and does offer are embracing it. Clinics and physicians are utilizing technology to assist and reach many more patients, near and far, whether at their office or at the patient's convenience, wherever the patient may be. Many people appreciate the time and money savings that online applications provide, and the medical field is no exception.


What does an online health platform serve? With its numerous multifaceted service applications to clinics, doctors, patients, etc., an online platform for medicine aims to make life simpler and more effective. For instance:

to give patients better access to comprehensive medical care


enhancing the patient experience

Online advice sessions

to deliver service that is quicker and more effective

Pharmacy and electronic prescriptions

supplying data analysis tools Savings: Time and Financial

Patient Electronic Records

Payment gateways.

Administration of Patients and Scheduling

Document Control
IoT (Internet of Things) systems are now at the forefront of medical healthcare thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic. More people now understand how useful modern medical technology is, which saves time and money. To name a few value-added advantages of contemporary medical technology, administrators and businesses are increasingly utilizing online health platforms to enhance the patient experience, productivity, and profitability.

Clinics, physicians, hospitals, patients, and essentially everyone else involved in the medical industry should use online health platforms. With the aid of our Cellma software, let RioMed Ltd. assist you in transforming your facility and achieving these value-added benefits.

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