The Future of Magento? After Acquisition with Adobe

Here is detail prediction and discussion for that what will be future of Magento after Acquisition with Adobe. Adobe is a big brand recently acquired Magento.

Magento is one of the most successful and popular e-commerce platforms in the world. Over the past few years, the evolution of technology and the digital age has been eye-catching. With expectations and experience, the ever-changing e-commerce landscape is thrilling as it grows larger and brighter each year.

In this progressing and evolving eCommerce sector, the community of developers becomes compulsory for companies that hope to maintain pace and innovate.

With its new cooperation with Adobe in the worldwide community since May 2018, Magento is Part of Adobe. It is among the world’s most famous e-commerce platforms and is creating a huge effect on e-commerce.

This cooperation enhances Magento’s likelihood of being equipped with new features upgraded to create a huge impact in 2019 and beyond.

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With this unique combination of Magneto and Adobe open up new pathways for innovation and improvisations in every aspect of e-commerce and make an enormous impact on human lives. Witnessing the exceptional features and the income uplift, which defines Magneto’s future, would be overwhelming.

Magento has over 300,000 developers, 800 associates in technology, and 350 associates in system integration. An increasingly important tenet of the engineering culture of Adobe and Magento has been active engagement with open source societies and standards.

Impact of Adobe Acquisition

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Adobe announced it had succeeded in acquiring Magento in 2018. This collaboration opened the door to fresh opportunities. Magento will provide substantial enhancement to the e-commerce platform’s user experience with its extremely initial stack.

With its world-class features and mobile-friendly theme, Magento Development company has succeeded in delivering an excellent experience to the user. It provides attractive features such as cross-selling and up-selling, that attract clients to purchase more. 

Future of Magento? After Acquisition with Adobe

The Magento solution acquired by Adobe will allow merchants to design and offer a consistent and transformative experience across all channels. With the knowledge of Adobe in the field of design and visual content, this union will extend the capacities of Magento, exceeding digital experience design and distribution. Both B2B and B2C e-commerce merchants will get opportunities to transform their businesses.

Progressive Web Apps

Web Apps

Commerce Integration Framework, allowing the entire Adobe Experience Cloud to integrate with Magento the e-commerce platform’s capabilities, is likely to achieve an altogether new level in 2019. Adobe has already begun to make Progressive Web Apps (PWA) accessible through the PWA Studio and the developer tool kit for Magento clients. It allows retailers to promote online stores that offer an app-like experience. This ultimately appears to be a massive boost in rates. So, the number of Magento stores obtaining a notable revenue uplift will dramatically increase in the upcoming years.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has improved the way users engage with websites. Magento Development Services allows us to analyze customer behavior and change the interaction system accordingly. It also allows us to find the traces left by the store visitors, like viewed products, and create personalized product recommendations.

They will continue to be deployed to more shops, enabling the client to respond to their problems instantly. To improve user and customer experience in 2019 and beyond, Magento will continue to adopt AI in a more sophisticated manner. 

Advanced Product Information Management

Product information can now be aggregated in a much better way. The product data of Magento, ERP, and CMS can be unified and make the process of product creation and approval workflows more efficient. This results in the quicker distribution of the market, together with enhanced general sales and income. So it’s going to benefit the company massively.

Market Share

Magento has lost its place as the second biggest platform for e-commerce. Market share of Magento saw constant development in 2018 from 9% to 13%. The most significant reason behind this growth is its acquisition by Adobe. The e-commerce industry is optimistic that this collaboration will provide Magento with incredibly advanced technological facilities, making it the most dominant application in the e-commerce market. 

Final Conclusion

Magento has faced many ups and downs throughout its e-commerce services. Its competitive service provider has brought it down, although all the investment in this,  Adobe must provide it with a huge boost and constant updates that make it safer. There is a strong chance that Magento will regain its place in the industry of e-commerce. 

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