Agra Fort

The Unmatched Agra Fort

Agra was the capital of the Mughal dynasty until 1638 until the time Agra Fort was the residence.

Agra Fort is one of the most famous forts of Agra. Agra is in the state of Uttar Pradesh India. Agra Fort was the residence of the Mughal rulers. Agra was the capital of the Mughal dynasty until 1638 until the time Agra Fort was the residence. Then we shifted the capital to Delhi from Agra. A King’s Palace, after all, deserves to be A World Heritage site. Here it is, Agra Fort is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was declared in 1983. If you visit the same day Agra tour by train, please don’t forget to visit the Agra Fort.

Home to All Early Mughal Rulers

The first unmatched thing about Agra Fort is that it was home to all the early Mughal emperors.

Fort or the Walled City

Agra Fort is also called as the Walled City. It means it is highly protected by the walls. The walls must be very strong and long. A city is a place which is a little bigger than food for sure. So, if Agra Fort is called as the world city; it means that it is so big from inside that it can be perfectly called as a walled city.

The Robust Layout

Agra Fort Layout

Agra Fort has the area of 94 acres. The walls of the walls are 70 feet high. There are double Ram ports which have giant circular bastions at regular intervals. These bastions are with battlements, Machicolations, embrasures and string courses. There are four giant Gates on all four sides. They were smart enough to keep one Gate getting opened to the river Yamuna.

Two Famous Gates

The 2 famous Forts Gates are ‘Delhi Gate’ and ‘Lahore Gate’. The Lahore gate is also called as ‘Amar Singh Gate’. Amar Singh Gate was named after ‘Amar Singh Rathore’, the Rajput Nobleman. He was of the royal house of Marwar and ACL tear of Shah Jahan’s Court. More surprising is that the name of ‘Amar Singh Gate’ was ‘Akbar Darwaza’. It was changed by Shah Jahan.

Delhi Gate for the Kings

Delhi Gate was meant for entry of the rulers. Its grandeur is still seen and it was a Masterpiece of Akbar’s reign. It is made up of white marble and complex inlay work carved in it.

Good Reason for People Not Using It

Agra Fort Layout

The Indian military uses the northern portion of the Agra Fort; particularly the delegate is used by the parachute brigade. This is the reason why the delegate cannot be used by the local masses or tourists. Everybody has to enter via the Amar Singh Gate only.

History of 500 Buildings

You will be surprised to know that Abul Fazal has given the mention of 500 buildings which were built in the premises of the. Abul Fazal was none other than one of the nine jewels of Akbar’s Court. Some of the buildings were demolished by Shah Jahan because he wanted to build his palaces of white marble. Some more buildings were demolished by Jahangir in order to raise barracks. Somehow, only 30 buildings have survived, which face the river Yamuna. The three of them are Delhi Gate, Akbar Gate, and Bengali Mahal.

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