5 things to do in Campinas – Sao Paul

Campinas Sao Paulo Brazil is not a tourist city, but be it for business, studies, illness, etc. There are always a lot of people from outside going here, besides those who change, right? Today I’m going to talk about 5 things to do in the city, some that are the closest tourist attractions we have and others that are good things from locals!

 Visit the Coexistence Center and buy at the hippie fair


This program I love doing and try to go at least once a year! The Coexistence Center is a square with a round shape and a theater in the middle. In fact, there are 2 theaters, one underground and one outdoor, the arena theater. The theaters are not always with the best conservation, I confess, but the highlight of the square is even the handicraft fair (and food) on weekends in the morning! Christmas Eve or not, it’s always full! And by the way, in the weeks before Christmas, it works during the week evenings! Of course, it does not reach the foot of the huge and very good fair of Belo Horizonte, but it is much better than that of a lot of cities out there!

Like the Lagoa do Taquaral



I think of the 5 things in this post, this is the most popular among locals (but I confess I do not short). Parque Portugal, better known as Lagoa do Taquaral, is always full of people running, riding on a pedalo, climbing on the replica of the caravel Anunciaçao de Pedro Alvares Cabral (finally restored) or even riding the old cable car on weekends. During the week at night, there are also plenty of people walking and running around the park, but this is no longer as safe an option as it used to be.

Explore the districts of Joaquim Egídio and Sousas

The districts of Joaquim Egídio and Sousas (approximately 15 and 10 km from the city center, respectively) are very quiet during the week, but on weekends the place changes! Many people take advantage of the region for ecotourism, hiking, hiking, adventure sports and the queues in the many restaurants are always gigantic! My tactic to avoid queuing is to go out for lunch on Saturday because Sunday is practically impossible. Here I talked about a nice restaurant in Sousas and about saving on restaurants in Campinas Sao Paulo Brazil. I have not written about any restaurant in Joaquim Egídio (there’s a lot on the draft yet, folks!).

At the time I went to the Faculty of Tourism, I got to do a job about tourism and history in the 2 districts and I loved visiting the area several times to do the research (because a lot is not found on the internet!).

Getting to know the 7 wonders of Campinas

wonders of Campinas

Did you know that Campinas Sao Paulo Brazil has its own 7 wonders? rs Elected by a popular vote, includes Taquaral Lagoon above and other six, such as Cadet School, which has an exclusive post here on the blog and that I finally met last year! It’s in my project for this year to meet or revisit all of them!

Take advantage of the Cambui neighborhood

Campinas Sao Paulo Brazil

The Cambui is definitely the most charming neighborhood and the best area to stay in the city. At night, it is almost the only place that has some movement through the streets. During the week it is always full due to the offices and offices of the area and at night and weekend, it continues with a certain movement due to the shops, restaurants, and bars, but at the same time that it has many buildings, there are several charming streets and that looks like some small and calm cities of the interior of São Campinas Sao Paulo Brazil or Minas Gerais.

Campina, Sau Paul is not one of those destinations people prefer to travel. However, these tips may inspire some to travel there. Campina Sau Campinas Sao Paulo Brazil is no doubt one of the beautiful place to visit and I prefer to book your cheap flights to Campinas from Travel Agency in The UK – Dream World Travel and explore much more!

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