Tattoo Fading

Three Factors Causing Tattoo Fading and How to Prevent It

Here are the factors that contribute greatly to tattoo fading- tattoo placement, ink quality, the sun, and more.

Tattoos last forever, and everyone knows it. But, it is not like that a tattoo remains the same or it never loses its vibrancy. If you get a tattoo; you may find that it will not look as fresh as it once did. This is due to the fact that tattoos fade with time.

People often remain unaware of the reasons for tattoo fading. Are you one of them? If yes, then you should go through this article. Here you will find the ways to prevent your tattoos from fading.

Can Colour Tattoos Fade?

Tattoo Fading

No matter how good quality ink you use; your tattoos will fade; unless you take care of it properly. Quite naturally; light colours will fade faster than darker colours. If you want to maintain the vibrancy of your tattoo; you need to do the following things- use quality ink, like, Vegan safe INK, protect it from the sun and take proper care of it. You might have heard of Celebrity Ink, the biggest tattoo brand in the world. Pay a visit to this shop; if you are keen to know everything about tattooing.

Does Black And Grey Tattoo Fade?

Just like colour tattoos; black and grey tattoos; may also fade; unless you take good care of them. However; black and grey ones tend to last longer; comparing to the colour ones. You should pay a visit to the best tattoo place in Phuket, Thailand; if you want to get inked safely.

Major Factors for Tattoo Fading

There are several factors which contribute greatly to tattoo fading. Some of them include;

  • Tattoo Placement

Foot Tattoos woman

When it comes to tattoo placement; you have ample options before. But all body spots are not suitable for tattoos. You should avoid certain places where tattoos are likely to fade faster. Anybody spots which rub against the other parts are not suitable for tattoos. This is due to the fact that your tattoos on these parts will fade faster. Some of the places include; ankle, feet, and fingers. Tattoos around the areas which are greatly affected by weight gain and weight loss may show the sign of fading.

  • Ink Quality

You should visit a trusted shop that uses standard quality ink. Before you commit with them; you need to ask them about this topic and if you get a satisfactory answer; you may proceed further.

  • Healing Stage And Aftercare

During the healing stage; you should take care of your fresh tattoos in the best way. Keep it clean and dry. You need to moisturise it regularly in order to maintain its vibrancy. Moreover; you should also protect it from the sun for preventing it from fading. Apply sunscreen on it and cover it with clothing whenever you go outside. The UV rays of the sun are not good for tattoos.

So, this is all for now about tattoo fading. Hopefully; you will take care of your tattoos properly. You will be happy to know that tattoo cost, Thailand; is quite low. If you have further queries about this topic; you may consult professional tattoo artists.

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